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A person who does X for a living. They are not passionate about X. They do it 8 hours a day, then go home and forget they did X for 8 hours that day.
Most programmers are Xers? I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
by Weakly February 22, 2010
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Sometimes swapped out with Xis, or his/her when the gender of the person/thing in question is found out. Xer is a determiner or pronoun used when the gender of the subject in question is unknown.

Heres a small table for reference

She, Her, Hers.
He, Him, His.
Xhi, Xer, Xers. (Prons. Zee, Zher, Zers.)
Xe, Xim, Xis. (Prons. Zee, Zim, Zis.)

They are gender-neutral pronouns, so use them for new gendered people.
Person 1: I really would like to know what gender that blogger Catorsi's gender, but Xhi (Pron. Zee) even uses gender-neutral pronouns!

Nerd 1: Don't forget Xer voice distortion!
by Yumko July 04, 2018
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A person who doesn't let go of his or her x.
My old girlfriend is such and XER, she won't let go of me.
by PERSON #10274629319363 January 31, 2019
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