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Many Men Online Role-Playing Girls.
Ceciliantas: /em starts to go deeper and harder, fast as he can as he spreads her legs a bit more and slaps her butt, keeping his other hand pressed onto her clit, he kisses her sweetly her breasts rubbing nicely against his chest.
by ark February 19, 2005

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mazurkaka -
a way of saying "I am the one who much fuck you" in one word.
Hello miss. mazurkaka
by ark September 21, 2004

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i like to self-adulate every aspect of myself on a web journal while telling people about my problems when 20% of them don't care and the other 80% are glad i have them!
1) I'ma BLONDE now! i look so, different? Fits so well with me.

2) Monday, February 14, 2005
Ahem... Today was FUCKING retarded. Every FUCKING moment of it. SHIT I think that I was FUCKING pmsing or something... God DAMN this FUCKING SHIT. I wanna FUCKING kill my FUCKING SELF. Why was I FucKING born this way? Why does people have to be such FUCKING jerks. SHIT! DAMN I FUCKing hate myself. Shiet...
7:20 PM - 46 eprops - 23 comments

Note: These are actual weblog entries.
by ark February 28, 2005

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The space between G's two front teeth.
"Wow you could fit a cracker through that nautch"
by Ark March 10, 2003

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The little thing that hangs high between G's legs.
"Wow did you see his weedle." "You mean that little thang." "Yep"
by Ark March 10, 2003

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an annoying white person with an abundant amount of freckles. Probably has an extremely close relationship with his father, almost to the point that it's homoesexual
Freckle Fuck: Aww gee dad, your the best, thanks for taking me hunting!
Freckle Fuck's Father: It's nothing son, your my boy and I'm proud of you. Now lets sing a song!
by ark September 23, 2004

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Middle finger
by ARK August 07, 2003

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