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Relating to white-trash inbreds. Usually scary.
Taken from the Harmony Korine film of the same name. See also Deliverance.
Fucking hell, this nightclub's a bit gummo, isn't it?
by Gheorghe Hagi April 19, 2003
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1) Insult for redneck/ghetto folk/trashy lowlife. name comes from the fact that very few of them have a full set of teeth, just gums.
2) a movie about two teen boys who wreak havoc in their hometown and their weird friends. Stylistically its like Beavis and Butthead meets Napoleon Dynamite. A little weird but a good movie on the whole
1) Don't hang out with those kids, their mad gummo
2)"Gummo" is a cult movie that people either hate or love
by Mr Slicko March 21, 2009
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A film that evokes complete and utter hopelessness in all viewers. It is also a masterpiece.
After watching Gummo, my college roommate dropped out and renounced his religion. I haven't heard from him sense.
by konkydong November 15, 2010
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The sickest movie in the world or close to it.

consists of gay midgets
backwoods inbred families
girls who like ducktape ripped off their nipples
men who wrestle with chairs
a kid who wears bunny ears and sits on a toilet playing the accordian
a repulsive looking 15 yr old boy who likes to eat spaghetti and milk in black bathwater while his mother washes his hair- he also drops a candy bar into this brown filthy bathwater and eats it
a retarded girl shaves off her eyebrows and walks around aimlessly
2 hick boys whip drown and kill dead cats
mom tapdances then puts a gun to her sons head and says smile or ill shoot you
makes fun of deaf people
boys kill and turn in dead cats to the chinese restraunt for food
man sells dead cat carcusses to the public
a albino woman who likes to dance and is lookin for a man
women with no eyebrows
old man trys to touch girls after they loose their cat, gee i wonder what happened to the cat
a guy who pimps his retarded disabled sister out to neighborhood boys
and harmony korine as a gay man who is in a relationship with a black midget.
Keep in mind all of these people are southern talkin rednecks from ohio. They seemed to me to be more from the deep south though.
You wana get sick go watch Gummo.
by Rod February 26, 2005
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Dim-witted, inbred, country folk, who are often easily confused by the world around them. Most have distinguishing features such as warts on there face or buck teeth, but it is the odor of Miller Lites and Camel Wides that is a dead give-a-way that you are dealing with a Gummo. Most Gummos drive large pick-up trucks, but are also often seen riding bikes, because the law has taken there vehicle away due to too many DWI's.
Gummos are found in all of the 50 states, but Wisconsin has the highest density of them, with a little over 95% of the population being of full Gummo status.
There are also several degrees of Gummos ranging from gummo-tenderfoot(lowest rated) to gummo-elite, which are the gummiest of all the Gummos. Use extreme caution around these gummo-elites for they are usually very emotional "since their old lady done left'em."
Marshall went home last nite and caught his "old lady" in bed with another guy. So to get back at her, he drank a case of Miller Lites and drove over barricades until the cops stopped him. What a Gummo!!!!!!
by Jose P. January 07, 2008
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derived from the movie gummo, which depicts very twisted, country ignorance/mentality.
Money that blazed his cousin and told his peoples about it is gummo
by Ariel December 07, 2004
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White trash or weird; Extreme white trash or bootleg.
Referring to the movie Gummo.
That was gummo! That house is gummo. That couple is gummo.
by Atomek21 August 22, 2006
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