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The act of licking a doorbell with a built in camera for a very long time in an effort to achieve notierity and/or sexual satisfaction.
Jeff wasn’t sure if Cory was home and knew he wasn’t after performing ringilingus to the camera doorbell. Jeff also wanted to ejaculate.
by aretegroup January 12, 2019
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The experience of being in multiple concurrent conversations while managing one primary conversation but retaining enough of a semblance of other conversations to jump in to another with ease. Primarily observed in greater Chicago area.
Steve and Marcy, somewhat aghast at the apparent impoliteness of the room of 10 Chicagoans all talking over each other, wondered how they could break through the Chicophony.
by aretegroup January 24, 2016
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To make a law suppressing an alternative gender/sexual orientation.
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's signature on the diva crow law also known as the religious freedom law codified one person's religious belief so that it could overrule another's.
by aretegroup April 4, 2015
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Over purchasing because the price per unit is too attractive to pass up.
Aw, Mike why did you buy three 48-ounce bottles of ketchup? The Costco effect got you. The second two are going to expire before you get to them.
by aretegroup March 28, 2015
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When a stripper uses a scarf or similar garment to conceal the after effects of giving birth in an effort to garner larger financial gains.
Here, hun, before you go on stage you gonna want a waist scarf if you don't want scare the guys away with that botched caesarian.
by aretegroup August 31, 2014
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When you make a mobile purchase so quick that it produces an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction.
Hey Kevin, what do you think about this great deal on this French press? Should I buy this?

I already found an awesome deal and I bamazoned it-- it's coming tomorrow.
by aretegroup March 28, 2015
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An apartment that is rented out with the sole purpose of conducting activities you would not do at your own home.
Hey Michelle, how’d that online hookup date go?

Totally awesome. I had him call up a couple of his friends and acted like a total slut. Good thing we were at my burner pad. I don’t need them knowing where I live.
by aretegroup June 25, 2018
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