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The line that forms when a woman crosses her leg; from the side this constitutes a straight-line from the back of the hamstring to the curve of the visible buttock in the form the shape of a candycane
Shelia's position in the chair when she crossed her legs was a delicious shape of a candy cane, forming a lady candy viewpoint.
by aretegroup December 02, 2016
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When you purposefully fart in someone’s bed to retaliate or preemptively take action against what you think they may do to you.
Kitty: “That guy who checked into room 3400 was a real asshole to the bell hop.”
Kim: “I know, I am Dutch dusting his bed when I clean the room today.”
by aretegroup June 17, 2018
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The act of making online donations to feel better about your grossly consumer lifestyle that often directly negatively impacts the causes you donate to online.
Darlene is such a cunt. She thinks she's saving the world with her practice of e-humanism, but her day-to-day consumerism defeats her supposed online sensitivity.
by aretegroup August 30, 2014
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Over purchasing because the price per unit is too attractive to pass up.
Aw, Mike why did you buy three 48-ounce bottles of ketchup? The Costco effect got you. The second two are going to expire before you get to them.
by aretegroup March 28, 2015
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The splatter from a bowel movement that leaves evidence on the inside of the toilet bowl.
Cheryl, having ate too much processed food the day before, had a bowel movement that left a fecal flower on the inside of the toilet bowl.
by aretegroup May 06, 2017
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To spend time entertainingly with no apparent purpose. It is a version of "to fuck off" except using a favored Canadian word-"cunt"-as a substitute.
Rob and Kevin figured the best use of a Saturday afternoon in the summer cunting off and drink beer at the local microbrewery.
by aretegroup August 06, 2016
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The act of licking a doorbell with a built in camera for a very long time in an effort to achieve notierity and/or sexual satisfaction.
Jeff wasn’t sure if Cory was home and knew he wasn’t after performing ringilingus to the camera doorbell. Jeff also wanted to ejaculate.
by aretegroup January 11, 2019
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