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"Way of the Intercepting Fist"

An American martial art philosophy invented by Bruce Lee. JKD takes what is useful and assimilates it into it's arsenal. Of the martial arts, it is the least restrictive. Any one who practices JKD in the same way as Bruce Lee is doing it wrong, it is intended as a way of personal expression. Truely an American idea, it has no set techniques.

I'm tired and probably screwed this up, read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do by: Bruce Lee for the full scoop.
by ap January 04, 2004
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Off-road dirtbike rider who rides for 10 minutes, then takes a 20 minute break, busting out the jiffy-pop popcorn and having a couple of smokes. Also, any time-consuming adjustments to the dirtbikes are made AFTER the allotted break time, further delaying the ride, requiring using the choke to start the bike.
Damn, Lou, why are you such a jiffy-popper? We have ridden 4 miles and it's getting dark already.
by ap November 20, 2003
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The appearance of a wedge in a woman's genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes.
The grandpa said Andria had a nice bearclaw.
by ap March 12, 2005
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swedish, bottled chocolate-milk. or an swedish dumbass. but most probably an serious ap that likes 'korv' (see definition of 'korv')
pucko likes korv.
by ap January 15, 2003
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A Road trip is a car trip that is defined by the word "trip". The trip is a not the journy but a feeling that you get after smoking to much.
i was driving up to Reno and i had a Road Trip. i started framing out and i almost took a one way offramp to the bottom of the mountain!!
by ap October 03, 2004
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rugby- cavemen type game played by those lackiing the skills needed for afl.
he plays rugby because he is too fat for afl
by ap April 18, 2005
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get naked, sit indian style, do a handstand while still indian style, crap, and roll the crap down ur back and stall it on the back of ur neck.
"man josh did the rusty mike perfectly"
by ap March 15, 2005
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