To walk or sashe/shante in a very effeminate and/or swishy way. To walk as if wearing a pair of invisible high heels.
Wow, get a load of him Mincing across the room like he's walking on egg shells.
by Kieron M. May 20, 2008
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Feeling an undeniable urge to be extra as hell and crumble/grind all of your ingredients when cooking with a special mincing too. If the chef fails to mince all ingredients while cooking then a penalty of -1 point will be served to the chef.
Alex: Hey, have you started cooking yet?
Megan: Not yet, I'm too busy mincing the garlic
Alex: You're extra as hell
by David Peter Butts March 17, 2020
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To be so scrambled and messed in the head that your brain is minced
by Beefboy March 17, 2020
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1. (v.) (perj.) To move or act in a way that implies homosexuality.
'You should see him mincing about, limp wristed with his knob out. I tell you mate, that sort of thing shouldn't be allowed in communal showers.'

'Christ no, he'd get slaughtered in a fight. Have you seen the way he minces about?'
by J-Dubya November 30, 2003
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To walk with delicate, deliberate, feminine steps, often with exagerated, delicate hand gestures.

The distinct gait of the poof, as bait for trawling for other pouves.
Realy Ernie, if you want to play on the Raiders, you can't mince around like that!
by Sneaky Snyde June 1, 2005
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