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Abkürzung von "Selbstreduzierende Zeitdifferenzangabe", eine Eindeutschung von "Countdown"
Die Rakete hebt gleich ab, Houston hat den Serezedian schon gestartet
by anuncertainsomeone July 18, 2023
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"After several years of war, the people were in the streets, demanding peace and bread. Then came Lenin. And then it got worse."
by anuncertainsomeone December 10, 2020
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To go ape is a style of sexual intercourse. It is done in a tree, with everyone involved being naked and without protection, as to simulate the natural reproduction of apes.
I think i got pregnant after i let Joshua go ape with me.
by anuncertainsomeone June 7, 2019
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The Great Molasses Flood, also known as the Boston Molassacre, was an industrial accident in 1919 where molasses flooded parts of Boston after a tank full of the stuff fell over.
Even 100 years after The Boston Molassacre, the city of Boston continues to be one of the stickiest cities in the world.
by anuncertainsomeone July 3, 2023
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"Winning" a debate by saying something so indescribably dumb that your opponent doesn't know where to start correcting said statement.
Now, i know my teacher isn't the smartest, but when i tried to correct him about how people in the middle ages did not, in fact, live to 25, then fall over dead, he decided to Shapiro me
by anuncertainsomeone March 20, 2022
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So it was 9:55 and we were about to close, and in comes a complaint of Karens.
by anuncertainsomeone January 2, 2022
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