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To be as big as possible gold and worn in conjunction with brightly colourd lesiure wear
by anticon February 1, 2005
n. term for a jazz cigarette enjoyed whilst involved in sports activities.
1"hhmmm my scrabble playing will be greatly improved after a toke on my jazz cigerette"

2"hullet thats not a word"

1"yeah like rude hullet"

2"thats not even how you spell it"

1"it is man"

2"what no way you just made that up"

1"nah man trust i can prove it"

2"go on then"

1"nah serioulsy i got an old coppy off shoot some where"
by anticon February 1, 2005
a kid whoose afraid to leave his stoop (see. stoop) will not play games with other children and only interacts as they walk passed, often bullied and teased.
see. hey arnold : stoop kid
by anticon February 1, 2005
realy super hot girls who u dnt have much chance with but jus wanna look at
man there was some moo shu comming out of the universite to day
by anticon February 1, 2005
n. a beautiful potential utopia of blended cultural identity and class spolit by mass commercialism, wanky products and a mentality based solely on ripping people off due to complete lack of alternatives.
see all blue signs with knifes and forks on!
by anticon February 1, 2005
n. two or more people enjoying jazz in a room at the same time.
man i jus walked into westlifes dressing room, looks like blazin squad in there
by anticon February 1, 2005
a super hot girl or group of girls

brought about by the beastie boys!
"man those skimmys are sooo hot!"
"lets got find some skimmys"
"i goto go my skimmy is mad"
by anticon February 1, 2005