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OK, yall already know what this is. What you really want is instructions on how to make her come back for more. If this is not you then go grow a dick.

Get her all worked up, while making out is a great way to do this. Start kissing her down her neck-this is called necking- and slide your hand down her stomach and stick just the tips of your fingers under her waistband, leave them their for a few seconds so that you wont surprise her and have her freak out. Watch her reposnse at this point, if it is positive or negative, if positive go back to kissing the mouth, if negative you may want to reconsider. If she asks you waht you are doing try something like "i wanna make you feel good" with a trusting look on you face , then slowly kiss her again. Once you have gotten into her pants, literally, DO NOT go straight for pussy, even if she is not wearing any underware, rub your hand over her pussy for a while, try to get the sides and avoid the middle, this will let suspese build. Make sure you do this over her panties/thorng if she is wearing one. Once this is done slowly slide your hand under her underware, removing pants as needed, and do the cunt rubbing thing again, stay away from the middle. Start discreetly feeling for her clit, it should feel like a little fleshy nub near the top, you may have to move some lip out of the way. From here you have two ways to proceed

Rub her clit, this will make her cum, try to get some jucies on your finger, it will make things easier, watch how she responds since everyone ahs thier own preferance.

Go for the G-spot, if this is your or her first time dont do this. The G-spot is located about 2 inchs inside and is on the side facing you, use your index finger to stroke it, dont stay over it forever, try to put in a second finger, some like it and some dont, it you really want to drive her wild rub her clit with your thumb while you use you other fingers on her clit.

after she cums dont keep on going, but dont stop until she is done. The purpose of fingering is NOT to simulate sex but to just stimulate her in general. Some guys will recommend a finger in or pressing against the ass, she will either really like it or think you are a pervert, do so at your own risk.
Finger a girl is the first step to nailing (i wasnt sure if i could type FUCKING on this page, but since i just gave a graphic description of a sexual act i guess it dosnt matter)
by am i metro April 04, 2006

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A type of pistol bullet that has the point removed and has small notchs cut vertically on the inside of the jacket of the bullet, this causes the jacket to peel back and stick outward, like the talons of a bird, and cause large amounts of tissue damage. The black talon is similar to the hollow point but has better penetration. The bullets were sold for less then a year due to a group of screaming idiots who call themselves Gun Control Inc.. The bullets are availible for sale under the name of Ranger SXT, manufactured by Winchester, they are the same thing as black talons but the name is differant.
Hey, why were black talons banned

They werent, they are availible under a differant name

Then why dont the anti gun people complain

Becasue they are stupid and much to fragile to ever go into a store that sells firearms and ammunition.
by am i metro April 06, 2006

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A normal bullet is made out of lead and then coverd in a think layer of copper or brass. This type of bullet will do a reasonable job of holding its shape when it hits something, so you get more penetration but less energy transferd to the target, since if the bullet goes through the energy is lost. A hollow point bullet has the tip removed, exposing the soft lead center, imagine a watermelon with the round part cut off, thats what a hollow point looks like. This increases the amount of energy transferd to the person being shot and thus increase the amount of damage done. The bullet will expand and flatten out like a mushroom inside the target. They are technically forbidden by the Hague Convention of 1899 but are the most widly used pistol ammunition by police and civilians in the USA.
The bullets carried in most guns are hollow point.
by am i metro April 06, 2006

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A dramma kid belongs to a group of students who are responsible for doing or working on all of the musicals, straight shows, dance shows and choral recitals. They are close knit but have friends outside of the theater. Dramma Queens are dramma kids and are some of the biggest bitchs in the school, Dramma Kings are also dramma kids, they are some of the biggest fags in the school(they may not be gay, but they are fags). Outgoing and usually smart they will say what they want and when they say they dont care what you think they really mean it.

They usually shop at Uraban Outfitters, Hollister, Hot Topic and every discount store imaginable(because you never know what you will find). The style varries but it usually involevs putting a twist on somehting else, punk with a twist, preppey with a twist, emo with a twist are common. A dead giveaway in Converse shoes. They will wear things you arnt sure how they pulled off, and that nobody else could get away with.

Dramma kids are not very vocal about thier title, so you may know one and not acually know it. If you go into Acting I because you want a sleeper you wont meet any Dramma kids, go to the upper levels and you will meet the real dramma kids.

Dramma kids fall into three catagories,

SINGERS peform in musicals and are mostly giddy girls who have fleeting hopes of being on Broadway and sing all the time, the dramma queens and kings are usually singers.

ACTORS act and dont sing, they are an even mix of boys and girls and are not as conceited as singers. Most of them act for fun and dont intend to take it seriosly.

TECHS build the sets, do lights and sound, ect. They are usually seperate from the performers.

Something very important that you should all know, dramma kids have lots of sex with each other. If you watch a show you can bet that everyone on stage has indirectly had sex with everyone else and will do so again.
That cute guy you sit behind in 3rd block and then suddenly realize you saw him in the play on saturday. Dramma kid
by am i metro April 04, 2006

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A girl with A-cup breasts, thus small and not really enough to get a good handful.
Also a bad spelling of an arab country we have invaded for oil, democracy, world peace, regional stability, human rights or WMD's (take your pick, they are all partially true)
that freshman chic is an a rack
by am i metro April 06, 2006

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Here's how it worked, metrosexual came along and suddenly being a straight guy who could be easily mistaken as being gay was cool, and like anything that becomes cool you always have the problem of....posers.....and there were alot of them, not to metion all the real metros who were pissed off at the posers. Thus uber sexual came along to further distinguish the real metros and the hardline posers from the less vigilant posers and the metros who didnt care bc they didint have to tell everyone they are metro.
a metro who became an uber sexual bc he was tired of posers.
by am i metro April 06, 2006

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