The G-spot
The G-spot is an area 1 to 1.5 inches across and located about two finger joints deep into the vaginal entrance. Its sensitivity to stimulation was first discovered by Ernest GrŠaefenberg (1881-1957 - the G-spot is named after him) in 1950. As a result of direct stimulation the spot, which works like a sponge, will fill itself with fluid. To date it's unknown specifically what these fluids are, from where exactly they originate or what their exact function is. However, they're neither urine nor vaginal fluids and have no lubricating effect. A G-spot orgasm, combined with ejaculation, is much like the male orgasm, including the physical fatigue and the need for a refractory period. The ejaculate will come out in different flows - different women have different numbers of flows and the amount of ejaculate is very individually determined. Science has different opinions on the question if all women have a G-spot and if all are able to ejaculate.
"I touched her G-spot and she squirted all over me! It was so sexy."

"While he was fucking me I got so wet. He got my G-spot good for sure."

"The G-spot dude, i'm telling you, wanna get your wife wet? Make sure your rub against it."
by CannabisDilemma November 1, 2009
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The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the outside or anterior wall. It is no doubt very hard to find without using your eyes or some sort of a flashlight -- Good luck doing that without being slapped in the face

But anyways, it's commonly preferred to be hit by the Cock within about 15 minutes of probing, stabbing, and swaying. (If you have good aim).

And, if hit at orgasm, will produce a fluid that is (To this day) uncontrollable unless the female is some sort of a Feminine version of Chuck Norris.
Girl: "Hit my G-Spot"

DesertedChrome: "I'll try"
by ArtificialPenguins February 26, 2012
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A very rare and mystical thing that is found in The real of Narnia. Few Mortal men have ever found it.

*NOTE: Ask Mr Tumness to help you find it, he knows the way to it's nesting place*
"I've been raking through wardrobes for months trying to get to Narnia to find the g-spot"
by Mr Tumness May 29, 2013
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A place about 2 or 3 inches into a girls pussy where it causes extreme pleasure. Most of the time if you find the g-spot, the girl will cum
by SexyKina March 10, 2006
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The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the outside or anterior wall. That is it – no mystery, no nothing – that is the G-spot. It is not like the lost city of Atlantis or some beautiful, secret area run by the CIA.

The G-spot feels like a ribbed “bump”, almost like the roof of your mouth. The G-spot swells from the size of a pea to the size of a bottle cap when stimulated.

To produce a G-gasm – a G-spot orgasm, versus a clit orgasm – you need direct stimulation of the G-spot with fingers, thumb, penis or dildo. The advantage of G-gasms is that most women are capable of dozens per session. After a clitoral orgasm, most ladies will poke you in the eye if you even look at her clit again. G-gasms are different.

A good guideline to remember will be to show the clit some mercy but to be merciless when it comes to the G-Spot! Within reason, most women will appreciate a harsher approach to the G-Spot. Beat a man’s fully engorged erect cock with a sledgehammer, and he’ll say, “ohhh … that feels great!”

Same with G-spot - she’ll be a puddle …. or a lake.
"Holy fuck … what the fuck? How did you do that?" Gloria asked, totally dazed after a dozen or so G-gasm.

"Doing a little G-spot whacking," I told her

by Bonnie June 21, 2006
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The one thing a girl wants to find in herself, but never can.
I was up all night fingering myself, but I couldn't find my fucking g-spot!! So that was a wasted night.. I should've just called Robbe over..
by Kitanai Akuma October 11, 2018
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If I send you an invite, will you circle my G+ spot?
by Plussing July 21, 2011
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