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Popularized by the blog Sadly, No, the term "Wingnut Welfare Queen" refers not to a poor person, but to a low-talent, self-appointed pundit of the right, male or female, of the type who have become prominent in large patches of media, Washington D.C. think tanks and the Republican Party, and who depend on some mix of right-wing money, praise or contacts to boost and further their careers. Putting the "wingnut" in Wingnut Welfare Queen means the media figure will be not just predictably or reliably conservative or ultra-conservative, but doggedly and irrationally so.

Many Wingnut Welfare Queens style themselves "Populists"; nonetheless, some some appear to take relish in the abrasiveness and ad hominem quality of their attacks on individuals they perceive as not necessarily contrary in ideology, but lacking in fervor.

A Wingnut Welfare Queen's natural adversaries inhabit the best-recompensed strata of left-wing academia and the leftmost edge of the Democratic Party, with some holdouts on the op-ed pages of liberal metropolitan daily newspapers; they are the upper-tier of the class called Poverty Pimp (q.v.), code-word "Progressive."
"What I dislike most of all is not her meretriciousness or meanness, but the way she acts as though she were God's Gift to American politics."


"Yep. Follow her career and you'll see how a gossipy media princess with a right-wing tilt became a full-blown wingnut welfare queen."

by al-in-chgo July 03, 2010

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Pre-Sid Vicious, pre-any stringy young male, "Punk" referred to the passive or "bottom" partner in a male-on-male prison sexual relationship. (The dominant or "top" man was called the "jock" or "jocker".) Since the punk was usually the scrawnier and younger of the two, that meaning of the term escaped into the general culture and eventually became attached to young, rebellious men fronting kick-ass rock bands.
(Description of a prison killer in Truman Capote's IN COLD BLOOD 1966): "Just two jockers fighting over a punk."
by al-in-chgo June 12, 2010

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A deliberate and deliberately visible cumshot performed for (hardcore) pornography. The money shot almost always involves male ejaculation on his partner's body:

1. In heterosexual porn, ejaculation might take place on the woman's face, breasts, or on her back or (especially at the climax of anal sex) butt crevasse;

2. In gay porn, at the climax of intercourse, ejaculation might take place on the other man's face or chest (especially when the "top" masturbates himself a good deal); but when the video or photo is given over to anal intercourse, more often than not ejaculation takes place on the small of the bottom's back, very close to the entry and exit point of such anal intercourse.

In both cases the money shot, no matter how unrealistic in terms of how actual people climax their sex, is a staple of the genre because it shows the male (or "top") getting his satisfaction; otherwise, how could we tell?

Also called "splatter shot".
"I saw a nice Brazilian gay porn flick yesterday. Such beautiful guys, who the vid says are lovers in real life."

"Was there a money shot?"

"Sure there was. Top cummed on bottom's back, just like you'd expect."
by al-in-chgo March 12, 2010

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Stands for "Mile-High Club - Solo Aviator Division."

Means jacking off on an airplane in flight. Usually done in toilet cubicle or underneath an airplane blanket. An elaboration on Mile High Club that has long meant sexual congress on an airplane.

Abbreviation: "SAD."

"You mean some people are so hot to join the Mile High Club that they'll fly solo?"

"You mean, join the Solo Aviator Division? That's SAD! (chuckles). As a flight attendant, I see all sorts of things, like splooge in the unisex toilets the last visitor didn't even clean up. And you wouldn't believe what goes on under those airline blankets."

"Yuck! Now I know why they're so skanky. Thanks for the warning."

by al-in-chgo March 07, 2010

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1. People who go out in public just to see an event that doesn't really concern them -- such as rushing to the site of a fire, or collecting home-improvement ideas for their own house while mooching a free open-house tour.

2. The guy whose goal is to sneak a peek at your dick when you're at the urinal -- or tries to.

3. Ellen DeGeneres' nickname for the "Telestrator" -- the device that allows a sportscaster or other user to digitally "mark" a c.g.i.'ed stripe or streak on a saved visual image, such as a football play seen from above. Any digital image can be embellished with anything schematic that a whiteboard and dry markers would show: combined with X's and O's to show standard football play configurations, for example. Ellen likes to use hers to post-mortem social interactions, such as a guest on her show who was heading in for a handshake but suddenly diverged to steal a kiss on the cheek.

1. "Retail sales are so far off that on an average day, the mall has ten times more looky-loos than real shoppers."

2. "See the man in the gray windbreaker? He's a menace, King (or is it 'Queen'?) of the men's room looky-loos."

3. "The sportscaster used the looky-loo (Telestrator) to superimpose his own diagram of the play on a video freeze, and to indicate how it failed (succeeded)."
by al-in-chgo February 28, 2010

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A long, convoluted anecdote, often told simply to result in a sentence that consists almost entirely of puns.

One classic shaggy dog story involves a man named Hugh who is out to stop a couple of monks from growing flowers for money:

"Remember Hugh, and only Hugh, can prevent florist friars."

by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010

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Means achieved orgasm, reached orgasm, climaxed sexually. To use "came" or "cummed" for an orgasm in the past tense? People actually get into arguments about this.

1. One argument is that since "cum" is pronounced same as "come" it's only natural to use the past tense of "came".

2. OTOH: A sportscaster would not say, "The batter flew out to left field." If the batter hit a pop fly, the sportscaster would say, "The batter flied out to left field." "Flew" in this case is absurd (except for a Red Bull commercial!). So by analogy "cummed" is acceptable.

In this writer's opinion, either "came" or "cummed" is acceptable. If you want an alternative that doesn't sound like a sexologist uttered it, there's always climax/climaxed. "I just orgasm'ed" is possible, too, if a bit stilted.

This is truly a case that argues for liberality of usage among even the most conservative speakers of American English. You do yourself and the language harm to over-scruple, and your sex life might suffer, too!

"I came four times last week by beating off." --

"Oh dang, I think I just came." "You mean you don't know?"

"You cummed in my mouth. You said you wouldn't." --

"Oh shit, I just cummed early." "Don't worry, big fella, you'll live to come again."

(The tag section has other possibilities.)

by al-in-chgo February 22, 2010

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