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1) The curious process of historical revision whereby a former Olympian can reveal, retroactively, that s/he spent forty years severely questioning his/her own sexual identity, while all the time taking great pains not to allow said sexually ambiguous thoughts to pass into the media.

2) A bipedal hominid who is in no sense of the word a mensch, who has not made a career of M-T-F but still hasn't the guts to cut off his wang and have it splayed open into a plastic pussy; a publicity-grubbing status-seeker and sexual hypocrite.

3) the result of a sex-change operation not to be confused with normal, healthy transsexuals, who has been so corrupted by Hollywood value that s/he thinks that Americans will swallow 40 years of bullcrap just for a photo cover spread and charm offensive.
"Oh, God, there she is again. All OVER the media."

"I wonder if the cereal company will give me back what I paid for my Wheaties box back when she was still a he?"

"It's a very de-Jenner-ate situation."
by al-in-chgo June 08, 2015
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