Films and TV series which exploited black popular culture. Usually revolved around badass black detectives with funky hairstyles solving crimes. Most famous is probably Shaft.
Shaft is a perfect example of blacksploitation.
by AJ April 19, 2005
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When news agencies find over the top African Americans and exploit them on TV without regard to any ethical or professional journalistic standards that further embolden stereotypes held by whites.

Kabooyow, ain't got time for that, hide your kids, hide your wife
by DCEric March 22, 2013
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A movie, video game, etc. created purely for the pro-black movement, usually a modification of white pop culture.
The movie "Blackula" is a great example of blacksploitation.
by CablevisionSucks March 10, 2003
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The art of making "coloured" movies.
In the film industry, "coloureds " are to blacksploitation what "colors" are to colorization.
by Black & White March 5, 2004
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