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An act which must be completed before another act, such as kickin it, is performed.
You gotta lick it, before we kick it,
you gotta get it soft and wet so we can kick it.
by ahpeeyem March 15, 2004
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A huge aluminium tube that hurtles through the sky at ridiculous speeds, with folks inside it.

People willingly strap themselves in, then pretend they're not bothered that they're ten kilometres above the ground and it's -60 degrees Celsius outside.

Actually they'll complain about the food or the temperature being a couple of degrees too warm or cold, when actually it's fucking miraculous that we can sit in ignorance of what's really happening around us, stuffing our face and moaning about it all.

I think I just plagiarised Louis CK but the point is it's a commercial airliner.
I feel like absolute garbage, I've been stuck in a sky can for 14 hours with 300 other smelly folks.
by ahpeeyem March 31, 2021
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Said to a person or workmate when they aren't going to be around anymore but not going to be far removed in a geographical sense. For example, if they are changing jobs but remaining in the same town or city.
"You were a pain in the ass to work with but I'm sad that you're leaving for some reason. Don't be a stranger, will you?"
by ahpeeyem September 21, 2003
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A: Dude, you just went through four red lights!
B: Oh, shit, yeah sorry I'm totally in gympie today.
by ahpeeyem February 17, 2005
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Ultra-cool way of writing the phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation for revolutions per minute, RPM, which is the measure of how many times a given object such as the eccentric shaft inside a turbo rotary turns in a minute, which is a lot.
That ahpeeyem guy has the coolest website about burnouts ever!
by ahpeeyem August 23, 2003
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the main purpose of having automobiles, that involves using the brakes of the car to hold it still while the driven wheels turn at high speed to produce copious smoke and also cause the car to exhibit handling characteristics such as a sliding rear end which make driving it very fun
That bogan did so many burnouts in his Commodore that he broke his diff
by ahpeeyem August 23, 2003
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Toughest pseudo-mafia family in Queensland. Don't mess with them.
A: Hey, that chick's really cool!
B: Yeah, she's a Brosnan, dude.
A: Oh, she is way too good for me then.
by ahpeeyem September 21, 2003
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