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Toughest pseudo-mafia family in Queensland. Don't mess with them.
A: Hey, that chick's really cool!
B: Yeah, she's a Brosnan, dude.
A: Oh, she is way too good for me then.
by ahpeeyem September 21, 2003
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the term that is given to a man who has no idea of what race he is. the boy will constantly act like a tart and belives his mother has various relatives living in Beijing
Man that boy brosnan he never stops, lets go and pop his tomato face
by Ross Arnone June 17, 2008
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The most important part of the body!
"I'm surprised pags still has such a small brosnan after visiting all those bars!"
by william h. taft April 27, 2004
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A Penisthat has been pierced.The word derives from The actor PierceBrosnanand is used as an insult.

"That guy is a Brosnan"
"That guy has a Brosnan"
"Shut up you Brosnan!"
by MROG November 11, 2008
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The unusual skin found on the tip of ones elbow. When extended through pinching or tugging, the skin changes from elbow skin to ones brosnan. Also occasionally referred to as rhino skin and or scrotum skin.
When pierced one is described as having a pierced brosnan.
'Ohh , look.... he's had his brosnan pierced!!!'
by kyliemann July 17, 2006
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