7 definitions by afromyke

When a guy questions a statement made by another.
You: I like trains
Me: mm-hm.
by afromyke December 3, 2018
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a meme in fortnite known by many. often used when one player trolls another player in the game.
why you bully me, timmy?
by afromyke December 2, 2018
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its not an age, its a mindset. when that one person (of any age)asks you to do their chores because they think nothing has changed since the

"good old days."
boomer: help me with my chores
me: no
boomer: why not! you millennials should help a friend in need.
me: ok boomer
by afromyke January 19, 2020
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the protagonist in the boondocks. he can do karate and martial and is smart. he also has a HUGE afro.
my name is huey freeman.
by afromyke December 2, 2018
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someone who is trying so hard to achieve something that it's actually obvious that's all they've got
person 1: "This default tryhard, he should just quit Fortnite."
person 2: "Hey!"
by afromyke March 9, 2019
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A green ogre in the Shrek movie series that was once a meme.
Timmy: you like Shrek?
Me: hell naw, he's a dead meme.
by afromyke December 3, 2018
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when your and another individuals' lips hug
The man and his smoking hot wife kissed each other
by afromyke January 21, 2021
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