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Zim's robot on the Nicolodeon Show Invader Zim, made from garbage, and has a very short attention span. One of the many creations by Jhonen Vasquez
I love Gir, he's the best character!
by Adrien March 13, 2005

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New York City Area Code
my number is 212-...
by Adrien May 27, 2005

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The French Army has proven to be one of the most superior armies of the past. The key leaders of great French militaries are Charlesmagne, Louis XIV, and Napoleon.

Also, during its war of independence, the french were fighting a civil war AND invasions from England, Germany, Spain, Italy and from the Dutch. that is five incoming armies.

Many times people claim that the french army is poor because they lost in WW2. which neighboring country didn't lose to the Germans? the only reason that the English survived was becuase of the water.

Not to mention that the Americans would have never won their war of independence without the help of Lafayette and the French navy.

Stupid French Army jokes are based upon no real historical facts. One with a basic notion of history will tell you that the French have had one of the most succesful militaries in history
One of the most succesful and powerful conquerors was Napoleon leading the French Army, which struck fear into all of their oppenents hearts.
by Adrien May 07, 2004

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the biggest peice of totaletarian bullshit ever (Also see George W Bush)
Dude, my friend got taken away by the government last night...
by Adrien June 01, 2005

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Star of the hit 'kids' show "Invader Zim." An ex-Urkan soldier who was sent to Earth by the Tallest, where he goes to Elementary School in order to try and learn what is needed to take over the planet.
you will rue the day you crossed paths with..ZIM!
by Adrien March 13, 2005

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A person or persons who have any sort of sexual or intimate contact with trees or other plants.
Ex: Gropping a tree. Sticking your penis in the hole of the tree. Rubbing your vagina on its bark creating a new type of sap.

1. I saw Fred out in the park yesterday talking to a tree when all of a sudden made out with it, I think Fred is a dentalhydriac...or gay.
by Adrien March 15, 2005

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dipshit,always full of himself
you are such a bugg
by adrien December 05, 2003

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