372 definition by adrian

To be perpetually pissed off.
He's so bitter all the damn time.
by Adrian July 02, 2006

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Hey, they're better than the fucking ghetto.
Who gives a shit if the suburbs are boring? Would you rather be shot at?
by Adrian August 15, 2007

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Proof white girls can/do have great asses.
Yeah, that Jessica Biel has one fine ass.
by Adrian August 24, 2007

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nsync member that on July 26, 2006 revealed he was gay. WHAT A HUGE FUCKING SHOCK! You know what else? Cars need gas to run!
anyone that didn't already know lance bass was gay is a moron.
by Adrian July 26, 2006

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The best basketball player. Ever. Period. Overrated fucks like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James can't even hold a candle up to him.
Michael Jordan is not overrated
by Adrian July 01, 2006

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the sequel to Batman Begins, currently due for release July 18, 2008.
The Dark Knight's villain will be the Joker.
by Adrian April 27, 2007

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probably the most hated baseball team.
New york Yankees deserve all the hate. A-Rod sucks anus.
by Adrian May 25, 2006

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