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1. A friend who enjoys the same bands, musicians, and genres that you do. In addition, a music bro is usually good at suggesting music you would enjoy.

2. A band member, or simply a friend who plays music along with you.
1. Damn, I wish I had a music bro right now. These CDs are getting old, and these morons are talking about old techno and overrated bands.

2. You play bass too? Awesome, we can totally be music bros!
by aandc July 09, 2010
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Acronym for "Youtube Featured Videos". These videos are featured on the front page of Youtube by "popular" users. YFV's are hardly worth anyone's time as the same user/content gets featured over and over again.
A: Have you checked out the latest YFV's today?
B: No, Youtube's probably featuring that same guy in front of a green screen....and that stupid orange with a face on it...

I'd rather watch YTP's (Youtube Poop) than YFV's....
by aandc August 29, 2010
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1. A term used to tell much money someone has without knowing the real amount. Used when buying fast food

2. How much food someone can buy with a specific amount of money when going out.
1. Person 1 gathers up a bunch of loose change and asks "how much food currency is this?" Person 2 looks at it and answers: "that looks like two bacon cheeseburgers and a small drink"

2. Person 1 only has $5 in his wallet at the moment and can't decide if they want to go out to lunch. Person 2 says: "That's three cheeseburgers and a small fry right there!"
by aandc December 27, 2009
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A word or words that are missing or cut off, mainly in instant messaging, due to lagging or hitting the enter key early.
Person 1: So, when are you going to lunch?

Person 2: In a few minute
Person 2: s
Person 2: argh, sentence straggler >.<
by aandc August 19, 2009
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1. The belief that putting a lowercase "i" in front of a word or name makes that person or thing popular.

2. Attempting to be popular by owning the newest and up-to-date technology from Apple.
1. Man everyone's trying to be iPopular by posting fake iPod ads using their favorite video game characters as the silhouette.

2. That chick over there thinks she's all iPopular because she has that new phone that has internet access, 6 Gigabytes of space, and 100 useless applications.
by aandc August 30, 2009
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Event that occurs when your computer decides to install automatic updates and reset the computer while you're playing a game or downloading something.
Crap! I was in the middle of an online match and my compute decided to do a rude reset!
by aandc August 19, 2009
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1. Becoming angry at a PC game and ejecting it as fast as possible, usually before exiting the program. This can be considered a form of "vidya rage".

2. Continuously hitting the eject button on a laptop, computer, etc. when the piece of crap piece of electronics "eats" your CD and won't give it back.
1. I had a case of eject rage when I lost in an hour-long match in Starcraft. I'm not playing that stupid game for a while.

2. My computer grinded and grinded trying to load something while I was having eject rage. It finally gave my CD back before the damn thing crashed.
by aandc August 29, 2010
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