a woman who remains at a bar at night long after the more attractive women have been taken home by men. As can be expected, she is not very good looking and is considered to be a last resort for a late-night hookup.
It's 3:00 a.m., lets head over to Davy Byrnes and see if there are any stragglers roaming about.
by Drew Slew April 29, 2008
A person who wanders aimlessly. Usually a notch above a homeless person. Drunks are acceptable stragglers. Usually have great stories and cause few problems, just get on your nerves.
by Brentus July 27, 2005
A word that commonly is associated with malls, fast food dining areas, outside fast food properties, etc.
1. Someone who wanders around with no particular destinations or job.
2. Someone who wanders into commercial/business areas for no particular reason except to loiter.
3.Someone who has no intention to get a job.
4.Someone who stays at a business establishment for long periods of times.
5. A alcohol abuser who stays at a particular area because his/her life was ruined by the alcohol consumption.
6. A female or male who loiters in a commercial/business area to offer sexual acts for money or to stay somewhere for the night.
1. that "straggler" that is at Walmart all day.
by rillex February 7, 2014
a slapper who is on her way home the mornin after getting boned all night
look at that facking straggler man, she looks ruff as! you know what she has been doin innit LOL
by moomin February 11, 2003
Sometimes I have to rock back and forth on the toilet to get the straggler to let go
by doo-dooButt June 18, 2018
a group of individuals, involved in obssesive adoration of the horrors
"there they are, the stragglers, they've been here all morning"
"fucking stragglers"
by mia-fied April 15, 2008
The fries that are at the bottom of any fastfood bag.
I should get the stragglers because im skinnyest.
by xGeTcRuNkx June 23, 2006