9 definitions by Zohle

Revenant and octane mainly used in ranked.
If you use revtane to gain rp you’re ass.
by Zohle June 9, 2021
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What toxic trolls or seriously horny niggas say on TikTok
“Girl posts slightly provocative content” horny guy #1: imma beat to this 🙏🏽
by Zohle July 10, 2020
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Popularized by The youtuber Nadexey: It means something is bad, terrible, or you are getting destroyed.
God damn Rat, Your hairline Cruced. Or you on a 50 game streak? i'm pullin up and you about to get your shit cruced.
by Zohle February 7, 2018
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Name for the fortnite player that sits on the edge of the circle waiting for players to come out the storm
I'm at 25 HP time to come out the storm and use this medkit. "Dies 5 seconds later." *throws controller god damn them niggas had a 5 story 1 by 1 base waiting for people to come out the storm. Fucking Dickeaters.
by Zohle March 10, 2018
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Bob: I got some fire head from a talking dog last night!

Joe: ??????
by Zohle December 2, 2020
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When you’re playing 2k more importantly stage or ante up and you lose against some bums who think they good or you win against some wanna be tryhards and they talkin mad shit after they lost
Mad ass random #1: y’all trash asf on god I was playing with randoms.
Mad ass random #2: alright spin the block pussy we’ll be waiting your 5k sweet anyway.
by Zohle January 20, 2019
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Lil durk, if you know you know
No explanation needed if you know the voice you know...
by Zohle January 1, 2021
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