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One who returns from death, not necessarily to be seen amongst the living.
The mythology of the phoenix states that it lived in the desert for 5 centuries and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes; Revenant.
by Ivan Alfaro April 22, 2006
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1.Undead, one who has risen from the dead.

2.The corpse or spirit of a condemned executed Criminal, returns to seek revenge on it's executioners and the living in general.
1. Revenant is the politically correct name for zombies.

2. Many horror movies monsters can be considered Revenants. Freddy Krueger for example.
by A DarkMind June 16, 2007
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An animated corpse that rises from the grave to terrorize the living. They are thought to have been evil people in life ect. William of Newbury has written accounts of such reverants.
The grave of a revenant.
by Deep blue 2012 February 28, 2010
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A type of undead. Similar to a zombie in that it is a reanimated corpse, but revenants retain portions of their personality and some amount of intelligence as seen by their motivations for returning, and it is said that revenants return of their own volition, rather than being reanimated by magic or caused by a viral outbreak like zombies.

1. Evil people who terrorize the living after death, in particular those they knew during their lives (as told by William of Newburgh.)

2. The dead who were wronged in life which harboured such a resentment for the crimes committed against them even in death that they continue to walk the earth, perpetuating the crimes committed against them until they are vindicated (as seen in the folklore of Rotten Johnny Reb.)
1. That bastard was so cold hearted, even death didn't want him. And now we have all the joys of digging the sod out of his grave to put an end to his new found life as a revenant.

2. It's horrible how that revenant died.. It's almost enough to make you empathize with his mass killings.
by A Heartless Blackguard November 23, 2017
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A sexual act, in which the bottom of the gay relationship is pinned down and ravaged by a larger, harrier gay man.
See that bear at the end of the bar?
I want that bear to Revenant my ass.
by NJ9000 January 17, 2018
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One who runs and hides like a scalded dog and then returns once things have calmed down.
The revenant left during the fight, but later returned after all was calm
by Anonymous March 24, 2005
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