expression for the best or really good oral sex.
damn that trick gives some fire head
by Lexxxx August 1, 2006
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When a female can deliver stimulation to a penis in a very efficient and pleasurable manner.
Dave: Bro shorty gave me FIRE HEAD this morning
Me: Nice bro, u my dawg!!
by WhiteHispanicFucknibba July 22, 2018
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1) The kind of head given only by a professional ho, not by an amateur. This type of oral sex leaves your dick on fire after you bust in her mouth. It has also been known to be very addictive.
Goddamn that bitch gave me that super fire head!!!!!! I gotta pay her extra.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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Ginger haired girls are the best at sex
Friend1: oh your going out with that redhead we met at the bar.

Friend2: you know what they sayred in the head fire in the bed
by Wilson21 June 5, 2018
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