A female of Malay descent, is schizophrenic and has a friend called vinod who is depressed and in denial. She is quiet and timid, also has low iq. Most commonly seen in the play Off-centre.
Vinod: Saloma, you're late. Why are you always doing this? I mean, if you don't want to see me, just say so.
Saloma: Vinod, you take the medicine or not?
by ZamZamZam February 28, 2019
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Independent beautiful young lady who loves music, Michael Jackson, and the beach! Usually hated on and envied most of the time but doesn't give a F***!
Man i wish i could be like Salomae, she just has it all!
by Sa lol:) November 12, 2009
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salomae is a beautiful and amazing girl. she will be a great friend and you can trust her with your secrets. she tends to be very care-free. she's shy around new people, but if she opens up to you you're lucky. you just got a good friend you'll keep forever. she cares about you more than herself and always wants to talk 24/7. it's normal to fall in love with her because she's that gorgeous. i would know, i have a crush on a salomae. salomae is a unique name and she usually goes by sally. she'll do anything to keep you, even if that means talking non-stop for an hour. she tends to be a little clingy but you'll love that.
person: "oh my god, who is that? she's so gorgeous!"
person: "that's salomae. of course she's gorgeous."
by gay.avocado November 16, 2020
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