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canadian rapper who is a great example of how going mainstream can ruin a rapper. people who say he sucks havent listen to some of his music from before 09., im not saying im a hardcvore fan, but listen to so far gone
say whats real, closer to my dreamsn, fear, and for a more recent good song, despite beign a year old, 9am in dallas, are good examples of drakes skill
by z3r0s3volution April 19, 2011
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valves sequel to last years game, left 4 dead. it features new weapons, campaign, characters, and melee combat, such as frying pans (lol) chainsaws, axes, etc. it is supposed to be a much bigger and better game than the first. if this holds true, ill have an orgasm every time i touch the disk
hey did you piss your pants?
no i had an extreme orgasm and jizzed in my pants. its left 4 dead 2s fault
by Z3r0s3volution June 02, 2009
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shoes that look good on girls... who have a pedicure, nail polish, have feet that are not deformed, have feet that dont look dry and leathery, dont have skin flaking off around the toenails. looks terrible on guys because our feet, i must say, look horrible.
while im on the train, i see many females with flip flops. most of there feet make me want to gag :(
by Z3r0s3volution June 09, 2009
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some of the fan boys are just plain jerks to this game. its been nearly two days since its release, and let me set some things straight
towns- who cares about towns? wow you go and talk to forty npcs about nothing important. great.
battle system- you control one character, and the game ends if you die, and youre level capped. big fucking deal, the battle system is the best one and its something fresh. if you controlled the whole part directly, the game would be impossible
linear- well, the game is extremely linear. but its not really taking too much from the game final fantasy x was a line. it was loved. find something else to bitch about. linearity helps story progression
story- the story so far is very good and one of the more realistic ones. however, the characters are what really makes it stand out
characters- the characters so far have had some character progression, especially hope. also, the chracters have believable clothes (sort of) instead of and entire outfit made of accessories
music- lyrics in a final fantasy game? terrible! if youre a loser who cant accept change. listen to the sunleth waterscape, and youll see why lyrics can be a very good thing
sidequests- 64 extra bosses. enough said
fanboy-hey final fantasy xiii is so gay
person who can take a chance in change- how so? because its not about two people falling in love, and its sort of similar to vii, and like xii the story is mature and the battle system actually requires more skill than playing a pokemon game? you cant grind your ass off and you actually die a lot?
fanboy- yeah we want our old final fantasy back!
person who can take a chance in change- *facepalm* *kills fanboy*
by z3r0s3volution March 11, 2010
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what i got a week before modern warfare 2 came out... not fair
*turns on 360 sees red rings of death in lower right corner*
*calender says november 3rd*
*kills self*
by Z3r0s3volution November 03, 2009
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something ill never ask because im to much of a pussy to ask girls out even when i know they like me. o well lol
-hey, why dont you ask anita out?
-because she doesnt like me
-yes she does im telling you!
-nah i dont think so
-youre so stupid
-i dont really wanta girlfriend anyway...

actual conversation
by Z3r0s3volution September 24, 2009
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A child age 11 and up who has been raised watching "kid" shows and has been deprived of knowlege of the real world. usually acts like one would on disney channel shows (such as hannah montana). usually very immature. symptoms include being annoying, not knowing what sex is, not watching anything but disney channel usually, but may watch something else similar, thought disney channel is the worst in my opinion
my friends sister laughs like spongebob and is 12. she has never heard of a republican or democrat and has no idea of what sex really is. she was raised on the new disney channel, whatever year shows such as the suite life of zack and cody or hannah montana. she is a Disney Channel Baby
by Z3r0s3volution May 01, 2009
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