is a nice person , who is very friendly and helpful.
hey vii!


can u help me with sumthing!

sure , ofc!
by heluvvii February 4, 2021
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1.- Dancing like a madman or crazy person 2.- Describes someone that is super sexy. 3.- A great way to describe someone after you destory them.
1.- DAMN! Look at that VII Toast go!
2.- She is so VII Toast.
3.- VII Toast bitch! VII TOAST!
by nniuQ March 7, 2005
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Anything after Final Fantasy VII made by Square-Enix and not by Squaresoft that claims to be apart of the series is false.

It is also used on the GameFAQs board to causally dismiss the cannon of the spin-off titles: Advent Children, Dirge of Cereberus, Crisis Core, and of course, Final Fantasy X-2. Mainly due to the alarming number of retcons each title introduces.
Poster: Square-Enix confirms that FFX-2 is a prequel to--
You: Rule VII.
Poster: But they said--
You: Rule VII.
by Darksun45230 December 16, 2011
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This is a racist term that has been quite popular on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, often times this term is associated with the n word but this term rather than to be offensive in an aggressive way, it is offensive in a depressing way. The textbook definition of this term is, "Person of dark skinned especially Nigerian race being falsely convicted of crimes." Its origin is not well known but its is believed to have just been a picture of a black man in jail.
Look at this new Quantinius the VII
by TheRedditSupreme May 4, 2022
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"Rocky V" is the nickname for the popular Super Bowl XLII commcercial for Budweiser. Seeing how there has not yet been a seventh installment of the series the ad has inherited the spot (not to say that a future Rocky film won't be named the same).

The summary of the commercial is that a Clydesdale (the specific type of horses that Budweiser uses in ads recently who represents Rocky since Rocky is nicknamed the Italian Stallion) isn't selected to pull the iconic Budweiser wagon. Naturally, the horse is dissapointed yet is uplifted by the influence of a dalmation who represents Apollo Creed. The dalmation trains the horse (a la Rocky IV where the horse runs through the snow like Rocky in Siberia) and the horse makes the crew at the next tryouts for a spot on the wagon's team. The commercial ends with a sarcastic pound of the horse's hoof to the dalmation's paw.
Person 1: What was your favorite commercial this year?
Person 2: I liked Audi with "The Godfather Part IV".
Person 1: I'd go with Budweiser and Rocky VII.
by Sid Barrett February 5, 2008
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An epic low-fantasy RPG developed and published by Square (now Square Enix), and released for the Sony PlayStation console in 1997.

Frequently cited as one of the best video games of all time, FF7 was lauded for its massive size, depth of story, stunning visuals and unforgettable score, and is widely credited with popularising role playing games in the western world.

The game has since spawned numerous inferior sequels, prequels, remakes and spin-offs, none of which appear to have lessened its god-like reputation amongst enthusiasts.
Final Fantasy VII, the one that redefined gaming as we know it.
by Slimemon March 21, 2017
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A role playing game released in 1997 by Squaresoft. Most video game enthusiest recognize this game as one of the greatest games ever, and for having one of the best, most captivating story lines ever. FF7 is recognized as bringing RPGs into the mainstream pipularity
Final Fantasy VII is the greatest game ever
by Mike Truitt June 12, 2003
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