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A skate, snow, surf, and punk rock store founded by Joel Gomez in Sunnyvale, California 1983.

His passion for sports and punk rock are what inspired him to start it all up.

Today Sessions has a website and their own team for each sport . Sessions also has an on going tradition of supporting charitable orginizations around their community. They are also associated with the Vans Warped Tour.
Skateboardind & Punk Rock Since '83 f%ckers!
by Your Mother October 14, 2004

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To beat severly, as in a game or otherwise.

To finish something off or wear something out.
Sean amortized the gatorade after paying $1.50 for it.

Brian got amortized in poker last night.

I amortized her ass last night and it was sweet.
by Your Mother August 29, 2004

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A brand we don't have here.
A place I wanna go to buy a couple of stuff. No, not to be punk, but because i LIKE THEM.
Whatever you buy... someone else, somewhere else would have it. unless you made it yourself with cloth you got in a third worl country... no, you are not different from everybody else. period
by your mother December 27, 2003

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A reference to the internet or AIM. It sounds stupid to intelligent people.
I was talking to him on the online. I had sex with him on the online. My online broke, I can't get on the online.
by your mother April 16, 2003

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White boy whom reflects all light which shines upon him. Cousin of casper. Drives a maroon pick-up which he calls becky. He is a known hick in the Lyford area. He is so white there is even a root word for people like him cand- meaning white and glowing. Also called mayonnaise, marshmellow, and whitey. Terrified to death of frogs...i guess he will never find his prince charming. Lover of Jessica,where?.
Hey guys it's really dark in here...call galaylee.
by Your mother February 08, 2005

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an igniot is an idiot and an ignamramoose in one...i made it up...and i like the way people look at me when i say it in public..tis funny..i like to be weird

igniots are fools who do fool and goon like things...and cant grasp common knowledge and courtesy...its mean but effective for the time being
YOU IGNIOT!,why did you take my coke!?

why the hell did you ask me that question you igniot fool
by your mother May 09, 2004

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stupid boy alone in a sandbox in love with a shovel. yeah, whateva.
ooh look at me i'm james nye!
by your mother January 15, 2004

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