Noun: 1)A large homosexual with big man breats.
2)Someone who is very annoying.

Grant kept making homosexual references so Joe and I called him a big fag.
by Scott C December 16, 2005
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The true author of Sun tzu's art of war. Also invented the boston steamer however that was earlier in his career and he did not take credit, claiming the inspiration came from his name. Sun Tzu was a peasant he paid to put his name on the book so it would sell better, unfortunately while it made him rich this move allowed history to forget him.
"Hi my name is Big Fag McDump-on-ma-chest"

by Gerdemann25 August 2, 2007
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One who is gay, but also has a big nose.
"Rusty Hodges is gay, but boy does he sure have a big nose! I guess that makes him a big nosed fag!"
by Judu Houliski May 5, 2005
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A freakin crazy person with big boobs. Could be male or female.
did you see that big tittied fag walkin down the street? I did.
by hollywoo August 13, 2006
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