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11 definitions by YoungWrapper

Any type of pill that relieves pain, induces sleep, kills pain, and/or get u sedated.
Person wit anxiety: Yo, u got sum chill pillz, cant fuckin sleep
Doctor: Sure, maybe u can get some xans or benzos.
by YoungWrapper December 10, 2017
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Automobile, Car, Gta, Fully auto gun.
#1: Talk shit, imma pulling out the auto.
#2. This guy is annoying af, im skrtting off in the auto.
by YoungWrapper June 29, 2018
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pure mdma/ecsatcy, usually light brown or white in a capsule.
by YoungWrapper February 7, 2019
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overrated pill that rappers rap about, addictive
also called as xans, xannies, bars.
Songs which xanax is rapped about:
"100 on my wrist, can't tell me shit
Pop 4 xans then I fucked a nigga's bitch"
-Lil Pump
by YoungWrapper February 7, 2019
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