Short for tolerance break. When using drugs, a tolerance break is a period of deliberate cessation of usage in order to lower tolerance to the drug, thereby increasing its efficacy upon re-use.
I've been smoking every day for the last several months and now it takes like three bowls to get me stoned, I really need to take a t break.
by akinae December 22, 2011
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a.k.a "tolerance break".

Withholding from doing a certain drug to reduce ones tolerance to it's effects.
My mate's been smoking weed everyday for the past few weeks and it doesn't get him as high any more so he's decided to take a one month t-break.
by vagface November 29, 2007
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A tactic used by an avetard where they will lay off the weed for a week or so in order to reset their tolerance which will result in them getting a better high the next time they smoke. This is some real pothead shit so it isn't surprising to see all the niggas at The Ave doing this shit considering their lives are already on a downward trajectory and their weed addiction is the only reason they even wake up everyday. This tactic is most frequently used when an avetard goes home and either runs out of weed or doesn't have access to weed for a bit.
*Norman "Nick" is back home for break*
Norman "Nick": Shit, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make a dispo run for a cart until next week...
Norman "Nick": Fuck it, I'll just use this week as a T break to get a better high next time.
by TurnM3Up December 24, 2020
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When u take

a break from. something
Im taking a t break bc i rly need to.
by Tatianaaaa🌺 May 22, 2022
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