Someone who constantly talks about how bad and "hardcore" they are over the connected phone lines called the internet. These people usually frequent chat rooms and online forums for the sole purpose of shit talking and gloating to complete strangers to fill the void in their life, something that dosen't impress someone in the REAL WORLD. They also like to troll areas in chat and forums that contain such topics as: Martial Arts, Boxing, Fighting, Excercise, Weight Lifting, Wrestling etc. so they can compete with other lifeless internet whores for the sole purpose of determining who is the biggest nerd of them all. These people talk about how much ass they kick and how they could take on the world single handedly, when in reality, quiver at such ideas of someone who dosen't like them finding them in their parents basement where they thought they were safe. Internet Tough Guys should be regarded as the lowest form of life on Earth. 99% of the time they are liars, who will make completely bogus claims of being 7 feet tall, 400 pounds of pure muscle, and bench 700. Often they have bullshit stories to accompany such shitty claims like "I've wrestled a bear and a lion at the same time, and I kicked both of their asses with ease!" or "I'm a pro boxer who beat Mike Tyson in a backyard brawl with no gloves!" They often reply with sayings such as "fuck you", "i'll kick you ass", "your luckee that i cant get you", and the ever popular "where do you live and ill beat you ass". All threats by Internet Tough Guys should be promply backed up with "Try it with a nerd who buys into your tough guy bullshit".
muscleman1596732: i bet joo wont say that to my face!
muscleman1596732: ill kick your ass where do you live!!
muscleman1596732: i can take teh world on!!11
muscleman1596732: i kicked tysons ass and i no i can kick yers!!!111
by Joe August 30, 2004
A 12 year old who just discovered the internet and all it's anonymity.
There is no example, if you ever even glanced at a forum you've seen at least 1 internet tough guy.
by Guy45 August 28, 2009
simular to the flamer and angry young man. the internet tough guy is a commonly a individual on the internet who tends to post agressive and threatening posts a marked tendancy towards right wing opnions on pretty much everything. anyone who disagrees with his or on occasion her will usually face a incorherant terade of homosexual referances and direct threats of physical voilence. (despite the sheer implausability of them tracking someone down) irrational hatred of anyone differant or vaguegly left/humane/intelligent or willing to critisise them. Also staunch supposters of anything voilent or aggressive and anyone who isnt is a 'PUSSY LIBERAL FAG'.
in truth internet tough guys are rather sad individuals with little or no dignity or charm
by zombiejack June 19, 2004
example: the person who wrote the (above) definition is an example of an internet tough guy
"... These (internet tough guys ) usually frequent chat rooms and online forums for the sole purpose of shit talking and gloating to complete strangers to fill the void in their life, something that dosen't impress someone in the REAL WORLD. ..." - unbeknownst Internet Tough Guy
by KJon Rondo January 17, 2016
look at that internet tough guy.

he be rageing on the intronetz!!!!!!!!
by omfiguh February 1, 2010
Someone who is awesome and almost always right, and could kick your ass in a fight if he knew where you lived and was sent a plane ticket by you.
Damn, that internet tough guy just wtfbbqlolephantpwned me! He's Dafoe!
by I don't wanna say June 15, 2007
A word made up by people who stalk people they envy online. This person may be successful, have a girlfriend, be going somewhere in life, or just a better overall person than the people labeling him. It's kind of like how religions call people who don't believe in the hocus pocus magical mythical crap from over 2000 years ago to scare people into being civilized atheists. It's a made up word from the masses to exclude people that would actually stand up for themselves instead of being a coward little bitch to something they know is going on.
stalker coward named cory: blah, blah, blah, and some more shit talking because i am a jealous little bitch

the supposed tough guy: so you want to meet in person and deal with what you have been doing?

stalker coward named cory: lol, i'm telling everyone you're a internet tough guy.

the supposed tough guy: so you're going to lie because you envy me and that i called you out like a man? why don't you go bang my ex so you know what someone successful has to throw out to move on in life.

stalker coward named cory: i'm sorry, you're right. i'm just a jealous loser who you tried to be friends with but instead i stalked, harassed, mocked, and lied till i ruined your life. <---this last line never happens because let's face it, only responsible people admit mistakes and those are far and few.
by Innocent Victim Is I September 19, 2011