96 definition by Yo Mama

Somebody who finds great pleasure in the art of Computer Programming.

Synonymous with: Hacker, Programmer
That weird geek spends time programming all day, what a coder.
by Yo Mama January 23, 2003

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somethign thtas on a guy and thats fuckng hottttttttttt
and they make guys turn gay
Yo sexy lemme see ure abs
by yo mama May 23, 2003

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A jail code for passing on a drug.
(I.e-Pass the wire)
by Yo Mama February 11, 2004

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1. Cum shot to the face.
2. A blocked shot in bsketball that comes back and his you in the face.
he put up a shot and got a facial
by yo mama September 11, 2003

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1.(adj) soft movements and actions of a person -mostly used to describe males.
2.usually to describe a male that is straight yet has soft mannerisms that closely dictate a females actions and movements.(most of the time the male does not know he acts in that manner)
1.)I know he's not gay but he's sort of panzy.
by yo mama November 14, 2004

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what the hell is it with all these sexual references on this site, anyway?
by yo mama July 15, 2003

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deliberately wearing the wrong gang colors
He got caught false flagging and they killed him.
by yo mama September 11, 2003

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