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The place an employee would go to get fired. Generally, it is in a back office which has notoriously been the location where previous employees have been terminated before.
Yo, did you hear that Jermaine was late again today? He better watch out because he's about to take a trip to the termination station!
by Yeyeeeee123 July 02, 2019

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A permanent break occurs when an employee doesn't come back to work after going on break. A manager may also grant a permanent break for those who don't wish to come back to work but does not want to go through the formal process of being fired. The term follows the same concept of a permanent vacation as an employee who does not come back after their trip, making their trip away from the company permanent.
"Hey Larry, can I go on a break?" " Well, we are real busy right now but you can always go on a permanent break if you don't want to work here anymore."
by Yeyeeeee123 October 13, 2019

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The hallway which leads to the offices where employees get written up, suspended, or terminated.
"I could swear I saw Freddie this morning." "He must have gotten sent to the discipline den! Hope he still has his job!"
by Yeyeeeee123 October 01, 2019

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A permanent vacation occurs when an employee decides their vacation away from the company will indeed be permanent. This term coincides with the term "permanent break," simply being when an employee doesn't come back from break.
"It doesn't look like Eduardo will be coming back to work from his vacation. Looks like it was a permanent vacation for him."
by Yeyeeeee123 December 08, 2019

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Being the same shape as a zero, this name is given to a person who does not give gratuity when it would generally be expected for the service they just recieved.
Hey Randal, looks like you did alot of work for those two donuts over there. Damn cheap-os.
by Yeyeeeee123 August 16, 2019

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Before 2020, "first base" was considered kissing your partner. Due to the extensive use of masks among the public in present days ,"First Base" is now considered seeing your partner without a mask on.
"I can't believe it, I got to first base with Jenny today!" "Woah, you made out with the hottest girl here?" "No, but I saw her without a mask on, that's what first base in 2021 is all about!"
by Yeyeeeee123 January 14, 2021

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In sales, a person who enters "the be back bus" is a person who say they'll "be back," when they generally have no plans to actually come back. A common example occurs with car sales. A person may insist they are coming back to the dealership to buy the car, while they have no intention of doing so and use it as a scapegoat excuse, despite sounding very convincing. Sometimes people on "the be back bus" do actually come back, however more often than not, the be back bus crashes hard and the customer never comes back.
Damn, I thought that customer was going to call me back today, they promised they would! Must've boarded the be back bus!
by Yeyeeeee123 April 04, 2021

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