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Various chopped-up sheep guts stuffed into a sheep's stomach or intestines and boiled with spices.
I think this was outlawed by the USDA. No, seriously. You're not allowed to eat in in America.
by Yargh April 25, 2005
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Blows or cuffs with one's fist; a street fight.
Jack is down at the bar dealing out some fisticuffs to those bastards.
by yargh September 28, 2004
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A sugary drink with a low alcohol content that tastes more like soda than anything else. Made mostly to appeal to people who want to drink alcohol at parties but can't handle the burn of real drinks.
Hard lemonade, wine coolers, etc. are popular forms of alcopop.
by yargh May 26, 2005
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A REALLY ugly motorcycle that is ridden often, never cleaned, and maintained at the absolute minimum for it to run. Some rat bikes are built from scrap parts (often from 4 or 5 different motorcycle brands), others start off as nice bikes and gradually become rats. They are often spray-painted camo or matte black to cover all the rust.
I picked up a rat bike at a redneck garage sale for 50 bucks.
by yargh January 03, 2005
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Predominately gay district of San Fransisco
You can get really great haircuts in the Castro
by yargh April 07, 2006
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Boxers stolen after a night of good drunken sex.
She has like 20 conquest boxers. What a playa.
by yargh September 04, 2005
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Usually used as an answer to "do you drink?" Fish don't actually drink at all but you get the idea.
Straight edge? Me? Nah, I drink like a fish.
by Yargh March 28, 2005
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