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timmy: hey mommy whens the next time i can visit my 5 year old sister? her black hole is cool.
mom: YOU SCREWED YOUR SISTER! then its time for some sexa amputation.

mom: woo i got a new dildo, i liked my dads better though.
by YO MY HO February 27, 2003
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The name of an orgy containing more than 10 people, it was the best thing in the world hence the nerds adapted the name for creation of the universe(what they thought to be the best)
Yo bitch lemee show u my big bang theory, round up ur hoe chearleaders
by YO MY HO February 24, 2003
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The dude thatll own ur ass so fucken bad in unreal tournament youll shoot yourself for looking like such a newb, 50 frags to your 2 frags ahahahahaha.
holy shit man ooga booga just owned my ass even when i teamed on him with 15 peeps in a 2-3 player map! ooga booga is da god of unreal tournament i could never match up to him.
by YO MY HO February 25, 2003
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The name of someone who fucks their female cousins dog.
guy: hey bitch im sleeping with your sister
girl: UH! which one??
guy: all of them!
girl: UH! you bitch. well im sleeping with your dad.
guy: well im sleeping with scruffy too!
girl: you fucking knave! well im sleeping with your bird.
by YO MY HO February 27, 2003
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probes (more commonly known as anal probes) originated from a documentary based on future events. Aliens documented an entire war between our race and two others. They came to earth a few years ago and gave that information to someone that happened to work in blizzard. Being the evil bastard that the guy is he got it turned into a computer game and made some heavy bling bling off of it. The probe used to be the invisible unit that flew around and didnt attack but the basic building unit stole his name cause they didnt like bob the builder as a name. the ex-probes soon later adopted the name "observer". after the government seen how useful the enemy technology was to the enemy they have yet not met, they stole it and probed through the galaxy. Some mad scientist name pimp daddy stole the technology and now flies through peoples asses fo fun w it.
mom: hey timmy get out of the damn bed now, schools about to start u bitch.
timmy: i cant mommy the probe is bangin my anal open hard!
by YO MY HO February 26, 2003
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When a bitch is wearin a white t shirt and it aint lookin like shes gotta bra and on jus poor some water on her for a free show.
girl: Look at my new white t shirt i jus stole from my husband after i forced him to fuck me all night!

guy: yo bitch i think thatll go good w some water * poor a bucket of water on her breast area *

women: hey everyone look at my hot large visible breasts through my wet ass t shirt!
by YO MY HO February 25, 2003
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