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The seldom seen frozen dinner similar to Swanson's "Hungry Man" dinners for men who are not only hungry, but have anger management difficulties, as well.

It was introduced in an episode of The Simpsons "Hurricane Neddy" It was a sponsor of a case study involving Flanders and his anger as a child.
Swanson's Angry Man Dinners: Now with boneless Southern Fried Chicken!
by XdElIrIuM June 14, 2004

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A high school in Lehigh Acres, Florida. It scores lower on standardized tests than the school for kids with behavior problems.

Nearly none of the teachers are qualified. The only ones that are are there to teach college classes. Other than that, most probably have never attended college. Any person with an 8th grade education (an 8th grade education NOT attained at Lehigh, mind you) can likely read at higher levels and do better on math and science than the educators at this school do. Some teachers are even known to come to school hungover, and they use class time to sleep it off while they assign pointless busy work.

The administration is a Hitler-esque henchman (Mr. Davis, but he's being changed, but the new one will likely take over where Davis left off) They suspend you or send to to "Time Out" if you question their authority. He has cronies at his disposal, including overweight "Security" guards who ride around on golf carts and try to look important.

"Time Out" is guarded by a portly African-American fellow named Taj. He looks totally helpless and ignorant. He hopelessly pecks at his computer keyboard trying to figure out the mystery of solitaire. He can be heard saying "Y'all be quiet"

As for extracurricular activities, drama is a joke. The football team is mediocre and the school band never plays in the stands. They hardly ever show up to games at all. After all, the humidity might damage their uniforms.
James: I got suspended for breathing too heavily after going up the stairs! They said I had no right to disturb the learning process!
Mark: That's Lehigh for you.
by XdElIrIuM June 14, 2004

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Supposedly high quality cocaine. Adjective usually used by drug dealers to make crappy coke that has been stepped on sound better than it is.
My boy said this shit was razor, but it smells like paint stripper.
by XdElIrIuM April 08, 2006

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A card game similar to Rummy, popular among urban youth. It is usually played for low stakes, most commonly one dollar. Players try to get spreads of three until they either 1) Drop, thinking they have the lower hand or 2) Tonk out, when they play all their cards. Also called tonk
James: Any of y'all play dolla game?
Guy: You got cards, nigga?
James: No...
by XdElIrIuM April 28, 2004

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1) When a vehicle is nearly out of gasoline, dictated by the gas meter pointing in the general direction of the "E"

Often used as an excuse to not drive somewhere, much more prevalent since gas prices have become greater than $2/gal.
James: Come get me at the library I got that dro.
Anthony: I don't think I can, dude. I'm broke and on E.
by XdElIrIuM April 27, 2006

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Bosnian for 'Welcome'

It started in the IRC channel #Bosnia and is now used by English speaking IRC patrons to greet each other.
***XdElIrIuM has entered #bbz
<@mark> speaking of scumbags
<@mark> welkam jmz
<@XdElIrIuM> welkam mrk selam
by XdElIrIuM June 01, 2004

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