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A county in southeastern PA that makes up part of the Lehigh Valley. Not terrible, not great. It houses the city of Allentown (ghetto), lots of rural (conservative) areas, and a few "quaint" towns like Emmaus and Macungie. As a result, economic disparities, gender stereotypes and racial tension come to life everyday. Includes the wealthiest townships in the Lehigh Valley, Lower Macungie and Upper Saucon. As of 2008, the median household income in Lower Mac was over $100K, so yeah pretty damn rich. The portion of Lehigh that borders Bucks and Montgomery is a bit more hip than the rest. The northern part is desolate, isolated, and wooded. Home to the bypass from hell, aka the Rt. 222 Trexlertown bypass noted for its excessive traffic lights and pathetically low speed limit of 45mph. Lets just say no one does 45. Also home to some of the best school districts in PA, East Penn and Parkland. The addition of the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley provides a necessary upgrade in the amount of quality shopping. And exposure to other brands that are *gasp* more sophisticated. If you like the status-quo and bad drivers, its your kind of place. But stay away if your young, savvy, and single. And liberal. Head south for better things.
I grew up in Lehigh County where everyone is encouraged the think the same way and pretend that they are worldly, sophisticated and accepting, when they in fact are the farthest thing from it.
by aqaurius32 December 31, 2009
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To pretend to be on a college visit at Lehigh University in hopes of having secretive homosexual intercourse.
Person 1: I hear Jude and Mike are on a college visit to Lehigh University.

Person 2: Not actually...they're Lehighing.
Person 1: What? Like the University?

Person 2: They're Lehighing each other...they're pretending to be on a college visit, but they're secretly having gay sex.
by Sgt. Angel October 20, 2009
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