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The rules of the game are simple.
1) Don't remember this game. If you do then you have lost, and you have to tell others that you lost.
2) The game ends when you die.
If you're reading this then you have lost the game. Good luck trying to win!
by World of Wordcraft December 30, 2016
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1) A type of soda that gives you flatulence
2) A fairy tale creature
3) A misspelling of spirit
1) Get me some Sprite.
2) Get me some Sprite, sprite.
3) Get me some Sprite, sprite. Oh and don't forget to pop in the bar to get some sprite.
by World of Wordcraft February 16, 2015
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It's a new meme. Here's how it works:
1) Point at something and say “look at this thing”
2) Something unexpected happens
Matt: Look at this thing *points at sky*
*starts raining*

John: Look at this thing *points at wall*
*wall explodes*

Guy: Look at this thing *points at video*
Guy in video: Look at this thing *points at video in video*
Guy in video in video: Look at this thing *points at video in video in video*
by World of Wordcraft November 13, 2016
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1) That ghost in the Ghostbusters logo, looks like a member of KKK. So Ghostbusters is also known as KKKbusters.
2) People who hate KKK. Which is everybody except the KKK.
1) Did you watch that cool movie KKKbusters?
Me: I fucking hate KKK!
KKKbusters: Yeah! Kill them all!
by World of Wordcraft May 13, 2015
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Being a pro at crapping to procrastinate.
Often used as an excuse at work to not work.
Going to the toilet and spending a lot of time there.
Guy: Imma go to the toilet to procrapinate because work sucks.
40 minutes later...
Guy: That's enough procrapination for today. *opens door* Oh crap it's the boss.
Boss: You have been in the toilet for a very long time! You're fired!
by World of Wordcraft June 24, 2016
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A better way to say "one in a million" because there is around seven billion people in the world and you believe that he/she is the one for you.
May: How much do you really love me?
John: I love you very much?
May: Do you think I am your one in a million?
John: No, you're my one in seven billion. Will you marry me? -shows ring-
May: Yes!
Then they got married and had kids.
by World of Wordcraft January 7, 2016
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When urban dictionary changed from blue and white to black and white for some reason...
Me: *goes to www.urbandictionary.com*
Me: Wtf what happened to urban dictionary... black is the new blue
by World of Wordcraft November 13, 2016
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