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Someone who is on Tinder just to play games or has so many matches they get them confused.
So this girl I met on Tinder texted me and called me by another dude's name. When I told her my real name, she still couldn't remember me. She is a total tinderflake.
by Wordiculous April 12, 2015
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A girl who is on Tinder purely for the attention and reaffirmation that people like her looks but has no intention of ever meeting up with someone.
"I was speaking to this girl on tinder, we really hit it off but as soon as I asked her out she blanked me. Total Tinder Flake"

" I was meant to meet this girl but she ignored me after agreeing to meet up. I got totally Tinderflake'd"
by EL42 November 17, 2016
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