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These are the people that will sit in one area of a map on Modern Warfare 2 and either snipe, or lay down claymores by themselves so no one can get near them. Usually the sign of a bad player who thinks they are the best.
Playing Team Deathmatch at Highrise, The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campers favorite level:

COD Player #1: Damn! I got sniped again!
COD Player#2: Yea, there's a bitch ass camper on the crane.
COD Player#1: What?!? You can get on the crane?
COD PLayer#2: Yep. Little bitch burrowed himself in there like a tick.
by Wickonis Parable February 5, 2010
When you're in a three way, and one person rubs an ice cube on your privates and another shoves a carrot up your ass.
"I was with these two chick's and they gave the The Olaf."
by Wickonis Parable July 21, 2020
When you are playing Call of Duty, and you have to do something else, like school or work, and you tell yourself "One more match" after every match, but always find an excuse to play another, and another, and another, etc. Time loses all meaning while in this loop.

Man, I need to go to work. But I didn't do so good that

match, just one more then I'm done...


Alright! 33-4! I'm on a roll, can't stop now!!!


Damn, team lost that time. Gotta avenge that loss!


Ok...that's it, time to go to wo...oh, a party invite....maybe just one more match.....
by Wickonis Parable February 9, 2010
This occurs when a person is under the influence of Marijuana and they get the munchies "like a mutha fucka." They will add various different foods together in an attempt to stop their hunger. Usually ending badly, it is however thought to be a great idea at the time. Some foods, such as Chicken and waffles, the Wendys fries with the Frosty, or a Cheeseburger with a fried egg, avacado and bacon have had success and become staple sober foods as well.
Stoner #1: Man, who would have thought that my ice cream and tortilla would go together! I feel like I should have a cooking show! I'll call it, "The Marijuana Chef", and just make great high snacks!

Stoner #2: Yeah right, what about your steak, marshmallow and chocolate syrup food? That was downright awful!
by Wickonis Parable February 5, 2010
A place filled with an orange gremlin and his deranged fanaticals. A common place the gremlin goes after he's defeated. Smells like hamburders, diet coke, and fake tan spray. You know you are close when you hear their cries of "FAKE NEWS!"
After the Gremlin, who bragged about his great skills was defeated, he hibernated in his Trump Cave for 3 weeks, with nothing but his cell phone and golf clubs.
by Wickonis Parable January 27, 2019