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1. a gay man who enjoys penetrating another man's ass and leaving his penis there for extended periods of time
my new neighbor just seems like such an ass camper, which is why, whenever he comes over, I guard my ass
by MACHINE/POSTAL October 19, 2008
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In a first-person shooter game, one who stalks other players to steal their kill, typically with a grenade or spray of machine-gun fire.
Damn you Levi! That's the fifth time this game you scored a double-kill off of me in a firefight you ass-camper!
by Devon Taylor December 18, 2007
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An asscamper is a fag that leaves his penis in an ass for so long after ejaculating the semon and anal juices (shit) dry and form a crusty bond that can keep the penis stuck for hours and smell up the whole fucking house. An ass camper can also be known as a sticky brown eyed pedro.
Look at all the asscampers in this town blocking all the exit lanes and stinking up all our newly donated george micheal pay stalls in the mens shitter! If they get stuck up in there to much longer they will be legal squatters and we will never make any money off all the autographed wham wet wipe despensers we bought last week.
by Sycowordkiller February 09, 2017
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