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1. What Filipinos use to call someone's attention. Usually said in a loud voice. Similar to Hey!, only with greater force.

2. Norse word meaning "high island", Hoy is one of the Orkney Islands, which is near Britain.

Whoever who said Holla, please. Hoy is way more better because hoy is MUCH MORE Filipino, rather than Holla, which is severely retarded.

Heh heh heh, conform to ghetto azn STYLE </sarcasm>. HAH.
1. Hoy Jimbo! Uwi!

2. I'd like to visit Hoy.
by Welp June 21, 2004
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An awesome band from Sweden founded in the early 90's. They are famous for their legendary riffs and songs so catchy it is not tiring to listen to after a couple of re-runs.

However at the dawn of Reroute to Remain, they started sounding mainstream. I don't know why they'd done it (probably to attract a larger crowd aside from their current fanbase), but they still got their own harmonious riffs, just not as good from way back.
Some of their finest songs:

- Stand Ablaze
- Ever Dying
- Moonshield
- Jotun
- The Hive
- Food for the Gods
- Dialogue with the Stars
- Embody the Invisible
- Morphing into Primal

(Some of their best albums are Whoracle, Jester Race Black Ash Inheritance and Lunar Strain)
by Welp June 20, 2004
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Video game that became popular over the recent years. Employs dance-like movements to "win" a stage. Good game. However, nowadays it has become extremely overrated.

Good alternatice to exercise for gamers, because they hit two birds in one stone: lose fat and still play videogames.

Oh well, I still prefer exercise. Lessens the strain on my eyes.
Guy 1: That guy's pretty good at that song.
Guy 2: Yeah. Beats the poser over there. Mus've got the case of Yellow Fever, but he isn't hitching any asian chicks.
Guy 1: Absolutely.
by Welp June 19, 2004
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A Dangerous Place that's basically a giant pot of religious tension in one desert region of the world.
by Welp September 1, 2016
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Too.. many.. ARGH.. Japanese.. words.

In Filipino, it has 2 meanings:

1. Cow/Beef
2. Maybe
1. Masyadong maputi yung mga baka doon. (The cows over there are too white)

2. Baka hindi ako makapunta sa sinehan bukas.
(Maybe I can't go to the movies tomorrow)
by Welp May 29, 2004
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A mechanism that goes along with forest fires. Firestorms are large fires covering large areas.

Some area catches fire, then cold air comes in at ground level, creating high winds and fuel more flames. With this method, fires can reach up to 2000 degrees C.

It is not only by nature, but also made by man. A definite example is the nuclear bomb.
The fire that happened in Peshtigo, Wisconsin is a firestorm. Mayhaps one of the largest and deadliest fires in the U.S.
by Welp August 1, 2004
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Dias Irae (Day of wrath)
Hic Jacet (Here lies... used in tombstones)
Memento Mori (reminder of mortality)
by Welp May 31, 2004
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