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Most beneficial yet dangerous element known to man. One particle of antimatter can fuel New York's power for a day. Yet it has a drawback however; It is completely destructive upon contact with another element (yes, EVEN AIR). Upon contact, one particle is enough to cause an even more massive explosion, perhaps (researching) double the destruction level of an Atomic bomb.

It is currently being researched at CERN (a European Organization for Particle Physics Research located just west of Geneva, Switzerland) and Fermilab. Both of these organizations are researching on making antimatter on large quantities and fuel.
This can be very beneficial yet destructive.

Star Trek geeks/nerds/appreciators (or whatever) knows antimatter and its use as a power source.

There are antimatter weapons currently in production.

by Welp May 30, 2004

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Isn't Latin the language of the church?
Dias Irae (Day of wrath)
Hic Jacet (Here lies... used in tombstones)
Memento Mori (reminder of mortality)
by Welp May 31, 2004

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