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Note: I deliberately spelt this word wrong, as many people are. If you need a definition, see bestiality or zoophile but be warned, those definitions are full of entries by scum (see the 1st definition) who think that it's okay to rape dogs as long as they don't bite. Just because it doesn't bite doesn't make it okay asshole. A horse and a donkey crossbreeding is at least related species. You freaks who'd screw an orca or dolphin should be killed. Likewise, Pedophile (or Paedophile as some latin purists call it. It's not the accepted spelling, but just as valid] is full of corrupt entries by people who think it's okay to rape (or " have mutually consented sex with") a child. Newsflash! Children should not be thinking such disgusting thoughts and it's you freaks that are the problem. Necrophile, or necrphiliac, the scum who dig up corpses and root them, is also corrupted by such scum. I know I wouldn't want my corpse dug up for you to fuck. You can claim it's not hurting people, but it's hurting their relatives. And their memory. And anyone who marks this down, is obviously one of the scum. I may not totally agree with homosexuals. But they're less likely to harm an innocent than any of these freaks. Maybe convert people and irritate them, but real men won't be converted. So it doesn't matter as much. It hurts me saying that, but it's true. So kindly, if you see articles by the freaks aforementioned (not the homos, just the others, unless you really are offended. free speech man.) Vote it the hell down. And any articles against, vote them up. If you have morals you'll do this.And vote this one up so more people become aware of these depraved scum. Thanks, if you read this and agree, only happy to help. Bestiality, Pedophilia, Necrophilia and rape should all be life sentence crimes at least. And anyone who doesn't agree is probably one, so they shouldn't count.
Note that beastiality is a misspelt word.
by Weaselstomper August 24, 2009

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Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort. An organisation formed to combat terrorism. It is based in the Aeromarine, equally at home in air or underwater. Not much is known, except that the leader is an evil brain-damaged man with silly hair. And they have a flair for ridiculous but effective weapons.
Tom Eludeme, Agent of H.A.T.E reporting for duty.

Luke joined H.A.T.E. soley for the dental plan.
by Weaselstomper August 25, 2009

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1. noun. A person who is reminscient of a weasel. A backstabber. A traitor. Yet despite this obvious fact he does very silly things and makes many people laugh without trying. Liable to befriend people and blurt out their innermost secrets at innoppurtune moments. As a direct result no women have interest in pusuing a relationship with him. And no men take him seriously.
He told everyone? What a Tayaun!
by WeaselStomper July 10, 2009

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Can be used for picking of a pocket, grabbing money out of someones hands while moving by and running, grabbing things off a counter or store shelf and sprinting away, or assorted other thefts. Practiced by eaglebians and other kleptomaniacs. This practice is shunned by civilized society. It, does not include breaking and entering, as there is no planning involved. The theif merely sights something, and impulsively grabs it and attempts to escape.
Kane is so dumb he Goodwin grabbed free samples.

That guy Goodwin Grabbed that ladies purse!

Goodwin Grabbing is a crime.
by WeaselStomper August 24, 2009

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One of the lowest forms of life. Down there with pedos, necros, zoophiles, gays and abos. Of course eaglebian ones are even worse than normal ones. They all are thieving scum. Eaglebians inhabit the suburb called Eagleby, a suburb where no one can afford a car, and the law is
"1. If it's not nailed down, it's yours now.
2. If it's nailed down, free nails."
Needless to say, it is no place to raise a family, and the education of anyone who graduated high school there does not even compete with preschoolers anywhere else. Thankfully, most inhabitants are sloths and never will get to any other area, and cannot afford a plane trip. They will pinch any penny and are all kleptomaniacs.
Don't let that Eaglebian Goodwin grab your wallet.
by weaselstomper August 25, 2009

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