A necrophile is a person who prefers the company of the dead to the whiny, bitchy, nasty living. A necrophile does not have sex with the dead (that is a necrophiliac) and may commonly be found in cemeteries and morgues.
David is such a necrophile that he digs up people to invite to tea parties.

Samantha, being a necrophile, found it only logical to work in a morgue.
by Tao Ti February 8, 2008
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a person who bangs corpses
I'm straight and so's my brother, but he's a Necrophile, so he bangs dead chicks.
by balrog1262 December 12, 2010
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A necrophillic is an intelligent person who uses the free enviornmental method of 'recycling'.

They make use of dead and deceased carcus' to sexually arouse themselves.

There are Pros and Cons of being a necrophillic

- Recycle dead bodies
- Work with a proven effective method of safe sex (The other person isn't even alive!)
- Get turned on and have sex for FREE
- About 300 years worth of people to choose from
- Save countless amount of women who are still alive and do not want to have sex
- A chance to make people who died virgins have the time of their life!
- You get a free 'Hello my name is <XXX> and I am a Necrophillic' badge when you join the National Necrophilic Nice-guys associaton
- Cannot contract ANY sexually transmitted diseases!
- If you are a quiet person, this is the job/hobby for you!
- Virtually all dead bodies swallow, spew (if you make them), take anal, and do anything you want them to!

- Might get haunted by dead people (see Silent Hill)
- Not a good alternative if you want to start a family and have a baby
- Might have some trouble putting body parts back together
- Might find 'dud' bodies that turn to dust when you touch them
- Cannot have sex with a dead body and take it on a date to restaurants. Well, you can, but there is no guarentee your partner will pay the food bill.
- Cannot guarentee that if you are a heterosexual that you will be able to determine the sex of your dead body
- Hard to find a job and get a decent pay because the taxes are high. For example Grave Digging tax, Grave opening Tax, Grave lifting and maintenance Tax
"Ooohh, oohh Jonathon Draldrow (1792-1843), do you like it when I poke your pelvis with my hard genital. Do you like it when I slap my genital all over your empty eye sockets? You love that, don't `cha. That's right Jonathon, I'm a professional necrophilic"
by Sam Abdow August 30, 2005
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This is an excerpt from an essay by Paulo Freire, which talks about a necrophilous person who sees things as objects, and by seeing such things as a student or classmate like an object there is a de-humanizing process that now opresses the student and the necrophilous has a power that makes him feel better than any other being.
(If that makes any sense, if not then I suggest reading Freire's "The Banking Concept Of Education". It may clear many things up)

While life is characterized by growth in a structured, functional manner, the necrophilous person loves all that does not grow, all that is mechanical. The necrophilous person is driven by the desire to transform the organic into inorganic, to approach life mechanically, as if all living persons were things....Memory, rather than experience; having, rather than being, is what counts. The necrophilous person can relate to an object -- a flower or a person -- only if he possesses it; hence the threat to his possession is a threat to himself; if he loses possession he loses contact with the world.... He loves control, and in the act of controlling he kills life."
Our teacher is necrophilous and will not listen to our opinions on what to learn. If he continues to teach like this then our opression will never stop and we will not learn how and what we truly need to learn.
by theycallmeadam October 5, 2006
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Basically a male/female who likes having sex with dead bodies (raping corpses)
He had sex with a dead woman! He's totally a necrophile!
by RetroStriker April 1, 2018
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A person who rapes corpses.
Look at that grave it's been dug up. I bet it was a necrophilic.
by Skylar October 26, 2003
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