"She's a Goodwin."
"A Goodwin?"
"Yeah man, she is good at winning everything, and good job for winning her."
by Jessica Goodwin August 12, 2008
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sysnonymous with butterscotch. An old lady chick magnet. One who parties all night long with neck cancer-ridden grandmas.
Old ladies like the smell of butterscotch. Grandma has to take her teeth out to suck on a piece of butterscotch. Goodwin is butterscotch.
by The Central Regulator April 2, 2013
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To get an amazing reward despite abject failure
The economy has tanked but boardroom and bankers pay has been one goodwin after another
by unbanker March 4, 2009
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See Goodwin. Commonly used on internet discussion threads to refer to a debate that has devolved into a flamewar or a pointless and chaotic argument with no redeeming intellectual qualities.
Steve: Bush = Hitler!

Dave: This thread had been Goodwined. I'm outta here.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
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The act of failing miserably at a chosen job/task/profession but still being paid handsomely. Ie. Sir Fred Goodwin from RBS
Yeah Matt the fisherman pulled a Goodwin, he didn't catch anything all week but was still paid £500 for doing sod all
by Skippy2107 March 1, 2009
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A very weathly family. That has a un limited supply of PHIL bills.
phil goodwine always gives kyle phil bills
by kelsey v. September 3, 2008
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