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A sudden and sometimes fatal occurrence of testicular thrombosis, typically resulting in the death of nard tissue. See nardiac arrest
I just got hit in the nards so hard I think I'm going to have a nard attack!
by Wafflebender May 17, 2015
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Cindy sneezes
Tammy: God bless you Cindy!
Cindy: Wow 5 sneezes! I just busted a nasal nut!
by Wafflebender April 23, 2015
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What you leave with with after hitting a game-winning home run at your softball game.
“Dude, I had such a homer boner last night after hitting that home run. First I slid into home, then I slid into my wife.”
by Wafflebender July 10, 2018
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Sex, specifically around the Christmas season.
Guy 1: I’m going to give my wife the best cocking stuffers this year.
Guy 2: No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.
by Wafflebender December 14, 2018
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Allen: Man that girl is such a bitch!
Lone Wolf: Uhh, more like a massive Chilkoont...
by Wafflebender January 03, 2015
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Sally: Steve I would suck on your balls but your blue cabbage is really yucking me out.

Steve: I would say the same about your dirty sink. So I guess we're even.
by Wafflebender July 07, 2014
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