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That fat German Kid who looks like Augustus Gloop from charlie and the choclate Factory. Günter can be quite mean and loves to insult people with their mum. However he is terrible at insulting people.
He is also a big Hypocrite.
Fred: Hey Günter I thought you were allergic to chocolate so why are you eating a mars bar?
Günter: Your mum iz really faat and she fucked me lazt night and by ze way I'm only Allergic to some chocolate.
by Breiter Boss June 17, 2016
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A penguin from Adventure Time. He is annoying to some people but seems nice at some times
Dude, Gunter is soooooo annoying. I mean, did you hear his voice?
by Tinker Bell Lover May 21, 2016
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A guy who makes lots of animal-like noises while he fucks.
Chik- OoOhh OoOhh Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Gunter-MOOOOO!!!!! RAWR!!!! WOOF WOOF!!!
by TheMidSizedCheese July 10, 2008
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The last Zombie remaining prior to the way ending in the game type Nazi Zombies from the game Call of Duty: World At War. He typically is held at a window as you repair it or he slowly follows around a bait person so others can get weapons and rebuild the damaged windows.
Someone hold Gunter while I get a new gun!
by II CAMO II January 19, 2009
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Hebrew in orgin. Refers to women with copious amounts of facial hair, also commonly referred to as a Bearded Lady.
Man, I took my kids to the carnival the other night, we saw a midget, 6 gypsies and at least two respectable Gunters.
by jefferson4020 February 13, 2011
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A fat girl who has a gut so large that it hangs over her genital area.

a gut + cunt = gunt.
Melissa:Man look at Caitlin w. Her gunt is huge!

Thomas: i know, what a gunter!
by QualicumBeach May 09, 2011
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