That fat German Kid who looks like Augustus Gloop from charlie and the choclate Factory. Günter can be quite mean and loves to insult people with their mum. However he is terrible at insulting people.
He is also a big Hypocrite.
Fred: Hey Günter I thought you were allergic to chocolate so why are you eating a mars bar?
Günter: Your mum iz really faat and she fucked me lazt night and by ze way I'm only Allergic to some chocolate.
by Breiter Boss April 09, 2016
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German slang term for weed. Comes from the famous author Günter Grass.
Going down to Mauerpark to get some Günter man. Will you join?
by somenongermandude July 03, 2013
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Noun: Nickname relating to alter-ego of those seriously detrimentally affected by alcohol due to rapid imbibing. Key indicators include vertical swaying (aka loss of balance, bumbling into everything/everyone), limited eyelid function, dazed smiling and the continual 'thumbs-up'.

Verb; To Günter: To rapidly, and often subtley, imbibe signficant quantities of alcohol and subsquently display the characteristics described above.
"Did you notice Günter was out last night?"
'Yeah, he drank twice as much as everyone else then bumbled round the club all night, not fully opening his eyes. He seemed happy though...'

"That guy was completely Güntered last night, he fell asleep in the cupboard with a pizza on his lap"
by definitionLAD October 02, 2012
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A Germanic name, apparently also the name of my bunkmate who I never knew I had. Sometimes he might also be your dad, brother, son-in-law, friend, cousin or a pet. Sometimes even your goldfish.
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Me: Guess I should look under my bed more often
by LittleFrostyRaven November 01, 2020
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The most magical and mystical and manly man that ever roamed the Earth. He is in search for all the little, vulnerable children of the world. He tends to admit he prefers the little girls over the little boys, however he says he really doesn’t mind too much.
Josh: “Oh look it’s Papa Günter in his Güntermobile again.”
Emily: “I hope he decides to take me this time.”
*Josh in visible awe.*
by PapaGünter69 December 02, 2018
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German mathematicians in the early 21st century came upon this numerical value that, when multiplied by any non-zero or imaginary number, will always yield an incorrect answer. However, if any such value is divided by the Günter Number, the answer is more likely to be correct, but only if previously multiplied by the Günter Number.

Is inversely proportional to the number of Trevors in one LMFAO music video.
Engineering Student: "Man, I knew I was way off that Truss analysis when I multiplied by the Günter Number."

Professor: "Unless analyzing the space-time continuum in a completely fictional world, there is no need to ever use the Günter Number in any academic situation in the near foreseeable future."
by HerrGünter April 21, 2013
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