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This is a term used by Top-40 pop kids who talk like preps, act like preps, and listen to a lot of prep music, even though they spend a lot of their time crying and writing the most irritating poetry ever while listening to music that can be found on Disney Radio. Hot Topic caters to the fuckheads who use this term first and foremost. By the way, Hot Topic is owned by Disney. What a coincidence.
Crystal casually said, "Well, I'm a Gothic emo and I love darkness and freaks." She is now a married Christian mom only a year later, and probably still listens to A Simple Plan and Disturbed. She probably still talks like a Valley Girl: "Omigod, I love cute little kitty cats, like, omigod!"
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A yuppie who does not consider themselves to be a yuppie because they hang around a crowd of upper-middle class hipsters and "punks". They got into Marx and feminazism at college and consider themselves to be revolutionaries because of this, despite the fact that they work for, live like, and are like capitalist yuppie scum. The "pink" part of this term refers to the fact that these people like to enjoy the privileges of being hip, selfish yuppie brats, even though they claim to be all for equality under communism/socialism (which, if you listen to anything they say, comes across as thinly veiled fascism).
That pink yuppie thinks Joe Blow is a rapist snuff-pornographer because she heard some bullshit about him from her friends and because he wants to make underground movies. They all love movies like "Bloodsucking Freaks" and "Desperate Living", but they're going to try and get him beat up by some lunkheaded motherfuckers who do what they're told like dogs. To her and her friends, it's only a small victory of the SOCIALIST REVOLUTION!
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It was Father's Day, so I said to the single dad with the deranged ex-wife, "Happy Anti-Lifetime Channel Day!" And he cracked the fuck up.
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(n) This is basically someone who listens to a lot of dark punk, deathrock, and oldschool Goth. They go to Goth clubs with high expectations, but get quickly alienated by all the "thump-thump-thump"-ing techno music and fat chicks who listen to Korn, Hawthorne Heights, etc. They don't fit in visually with Goths or deathrockers, as they usually haven't spent much time on their appearance, though they still don't seem entirely out of place. Visually, they're very back to basics in an almost anti-image way that connotes Goth and punk vaguely without seeming to be either. (An example: A guy with "normal people" hair wearing a horror movie shirt or a homemade shirt with Marks-A-lot on it. Might have a torn overshirt with a couple lapel pins. Also wearing blue jeans or black slacks and sneakers. Non-descript, but not out of place.) An antigoth is the noticed (even ridiculed) yet strangely unnoticed antihero of the Goth scene. Even deathrockers are overdressed compared to this truly alienated non-conformist individual who came to have a good time and just ended up bored like everywhere else. If making music, the antigoth is most likely the perpetrator of angry, lo- or no-fi, minimalist, noisy Goth-punk-weirdness. Yes, this was written by a disgruntled antigoth.
An antigoth gets the joke even as the joke is laughing at him/her.
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A.) Not just music made by punk rockers who enjoy drugs, but also music that makes it very evident (in ways beside lyrics) how much said punk rockers enjoy using drugs.

B.) A practitioner of this music. Often lives a lifestyle according to this.
Flipper were only one quintessential example of a drug punk band.
by VyleKyleWillHaveHisRevenge December 29, 2010
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Someone who was once a hypocritical conformist who saw the bullshit in it all. Then, they became a hypocritical non-conformist (really just the early stages of getting used to how full of bullshit they still are after years of it). From this point on, they will peel layers of bullshit away year by year (sometimes by choice, other times from hard unsavory lessons that have the power to scar minds). They will never be well-adjusted, and, in the end, see no reason to be.
An ex-conformist is someone who just said, "Fuck it." Only for them, this was not a stage. They revel in this self-realization while feeling the pain of their knowing human flaws, often leading them to despise the human race, who are often busy calling them conformists or criticizing them for being full of themselves and thinking they're not conformist FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES (often leading to self-destruction). Really, two definitions here. Oh, well. Fuck it.
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When you've been on the computer too long and your eyes burn while your mind feels like it's pouring out the back of your head. Often worsened by sleep deprivation.
He's been up all night, looking up useless shit. He'd better rest his eyes or else he's gonna get the red haze.
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