A lapel is the folded flaps of cloth most commonly found on suit jackets.
I got black lapels on my Chanel jacket, call me Karl Lagerfeld (Creative Director at Chanel)
by $adi March 12, 2017
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(verb) 1. to hide behind a phony veneer of “patriotism” to attack others, typically their patriotism.

(verb) 2. to literally cloak oneself in the flag and patriotic paraphernalia (like lapel pins) and then turn around and without looking in the mirror, attack others patriotism, personally disregard the constitution, wage a war, slam non-Christians, question someone’s love of America, attack immigrants, etc.

"to lapel pin", "lapel pinning"
Lapel Pinning: Look at me I have a flag on my chest therefore I must love America more than you! You must like terrorists, you communist gay-loving hippie immigrant!!!!
by Poncho 14 May 5, 2008
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Any situation where a person becomes unduly panicked and makes ill-advised decisions or movements as a result.
Guy 1: Gerald thought he saw his ex-girlfriend so he turned around to bolt and ran straight into a waitress and knocked her tray full of drinks all over the floor.
Guy 2: He had a wasp on the lapel.
Guy 1: Exactly.
by exitflagger May 1, 2008
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Her female lapels needed a little bit of tailoring.
by whosayswhatwhere September 18, 2010
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Bulbous Labiae; large vagina lips resembling the lapels on a man's sportcoat
I took this girl home last night, took her trousers off and BAM! I could have made a sandwich out of her Flesh Lapels! There were snail tracks on my floor when she walked out; her pussy dragged on the floor those things were so big!
by joeydnewyork November 26, 2014
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Scoundrel whose last refuge consists of wearing the flag on his sleeve.
Lapel Pin Patriot stood up in Congress to denounce opponents of the Patriot Act.
by Robert Tartell May 15, 2008
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